Sunday, April 1, 2012

Joy IS.....Just Trying To Grasp


I just realized it is Sunday night at 7:21pm and I have not posted a blog post yet. So this will be short and grumbly.

I had a Dr Appt on Friday with my new Dr since my Dr for over 20 years retired. So this guy is very nice, but also very thorough. Waay more than the old guy.

My C was up again. I told him that I travel for work and it is HELL to be able to eat right while on the road. He said we have a class for that. OK sign me up. But he put me on a choesteral pill. Then we talked about my eyes. I told him that I have an appt for an eye exam on the 19th. He told me to make an appt with the Optamologist(?) there. OK, and then I told him that once in a while my right eye is blurry all day and it drives me nuts. So he shines the light in my eyes and says, you might have a cateract. Holy %$*&@ Batman!! Never even thought about something like that. My G'ma had surgery on both eyes when I was a kid and Daddy has cateracts but not bad one's. So now look out, I may have one!

Then he asked if I had ever had a colonoscopy (?). I said no just the little poo poo test every year, and they have always been OK. He said 50% of colon cancer is missed with those tests. WHAT??? He said I should have already had 2 colonoscopies for my age. Yikes! OK, sign me up for that! Dang, by the time I left I was a little, no, a lot upset with the old Dr.
He told me so much stuff I was wishing I had a recorder with me so I didn't forget anything. I haven't been arting much this week. Just trying to get back into the swing of things since Dallas.

Tomorrow I am headed to Visalia again for all week. Have to teach a Safety Summit down there on Tuesday.

So that is my tale of woe. Until next time:

This will be my motto this week, as I have a ton of work to do with folks that get under my skin. Hee!

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Cheryl said...

OOOOOhhhhh! I like the picture of driving a stick. Young doctors are a bitch aren't they? Glad to hear you're doing your homework though.