Monday, May 18, 2009

Teesha & Tracy Journaling Workshop

Hi everyone. I wanted to post yesterday about my Teesha & Tracy Journaling Workshop, but life got in the way. So here I am today. What a blast! These two folks are THE BEST Instructors, very cool I learned so much. And so informative about their love of journaling. These pics are of my journal that I created. The bottom pic is my cover and the purple is a page within. Since I was a newbie, I have alot more to add, but I was in awe all 11 hours of this fab class.

And the best best, was when Teesha and Tracy BOTH journaled in MY Moleskine Journal!! WOW!! This was the best weekend ever, since I also got to meet Margaret from this blog, and Tracy Bautista was also in this class. WOW!! Again!!
And our host Andrea was very gracious and I spent tons of $$ in her shop across the street. She carries EVERYTHING!! This was a great oppotunity since the only scrapbook store we had closed up recently.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wooo Hooo!!!

Well, I am off to Teesha and Tracy Moore's Journal Class tonight and tomorrow in San Jose; (see title:). I will let you know how things go, I am too excited. And I will tell you how my new baby, Kindle, is going. WOW!! What a magnificent geeky find. Yes, I am in drool mode!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yea, I know....................

It's been awhile, but my work is the worst to keep me from my journal and blog and cool stuff. It does not mean that I still don't stalk blogs EVERYDAY, but I don't take the time to post like I should. I am hanging my head in shame.

This is my latest journal page. If you knew Modesto, you could tell the back ground is a shot from Google Earth of McHenry and Morris. I wrote up a driver who went through a very old yellow to red light here and the next thing I know he brings me this and says, "You know where that is?" I said yea, but it's old cause the carwash is still there. I'm not exacly sure why I got it, but I thought this might back a good journal page. And so wah lah!

I do have some exciting news and will have to post pics as soon as all of it takes place. Next Friday and Saturday I will be in San Jose for a 2 day Teesha Moore journaling class. Woo Hoo!!! I can't believe it is here already. So I will show you the journal I make. Can't wait! And hope that will keep me journaling like I should be.

And also this next week, I will be the proud owner of a Kindle 2 book reader. Also again, Woo Hoo. One of the applicants for my current position had one when she came for the interview and geek me had to check it out, and I actually held off for 24 hours, but couldn't resist the pull and bought one. It is an Amazon Product. So if you are interested, check it out. Can't Wait again. It will be the coolest gadget I have bought since my flip video camera that I have never used to make a You Tube Video that I was going to make as soon as I got it, sigh.........

Happy Mother's Day to all,