Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and New Must Do Project

OK, here we go. Sorry, I have not been around much, but you all know my tale of woe with my job, so I am NOT going into that.
First I want to say Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you are having a great weekend. I of course ate too much, but it's not over. I will continue today....Hee!
But what I really wanted to tell you is about the project I am now involved in. Go to and look at the Sketchbook Project. I joined and they sent me this Moleskine Cahier. My theme is as you can see in the pic is: "You stick to me like glue." So now I have until the 4th of Jan to get this completed. It will be included in a library of all of the sketchbooks and will be shown in 2010. Now the only probelem I have is to get it completed. It has a ton of pages as far as I am concerned, but I need to "stick" sorry for the pun, with the theme.
So if you have any suggestions, let me know. I really can't believe I got myself into this when I know I have trouble doing much of anything because of the J O B!!!!

Gobble, Gobble

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Great Flea Market Find

Good morning friends, Just had to show you this cool "Want Book" I found last weekend at the flea market. I bought it from a vendor who had a very large stack of emphemra and old cabinet cards and other paper, and I tried to buy the lot from him, but he said no, so I bought this book for $2.00.
It has a date in it from Sept 24, 18--, but the year was not finished. Looks like it was a gift from a husband to his wife. She made it a book to keep her recipe's in. It is very well constructed and is complete. The paper pages are very thin and every page is perforated and a few in the front are beginning to come out.
The book is 1/4 full of written recipes and the rest blank pages. The paper block has a flap attached on the back so it can slide into the back cover. And there is a cord tie attached to the top for hanging it up on a nail or peg.
The cover is, I believe a very thin leather glued to cardboard. I want to create a journal out of this, but am not sure of how I really want to go about it. Someday, sigh............................
I love to go to flea markets searching for treasures. Sorry, the photos are not the best.