Sunday, April 29, 2012

Worn Out

Hey there,

Almost forgot about this post. I am just super worn out and haven't felt the best this weekend. Had a rough week last week and am gearing up for another one this coming week. Oh well, I like $$ so gotta keep going.

Here are some recent pages I have been messing with:

The sun in the next to the last one, I colored with my TH Distress Markers and did the One Hot Breath thing and it turned out kinda cool. The second page that has the card that reads, Bad Break is dedicated to my son who decided to hook his big # 13 foot around something at work and broke his ankle this week. Yikes! So now we have to wait to see about surgery or not!

And this last one for your enjoyment:
This is the front of my phone that has a cracked screen after I dropped it this week. $99.00 to fix it, but it still works fine. I just have to look through spider webs to see anything. Oh well. It stays broked!!

I know this is short, but I am bushed and I need to call my friend back that called when I was visiting at my folks.

Back at ya next weekend.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just a Quicky

Tim Holtz Distress Markers are in the house! Woot! Went to Hobby Lobby for a get away and almost fainted when I found these. $14.99 for 5 markers. They only had two sets. Of course I bought both.

Came home and immediately painted this sun stamp with the markers and stamped.

 WOW! Too cool. So I now have 10, only need 27 more! Hee!

WOTW to Win

This is my submission to my friend, Cheryl's WOTW series.

In December, I got deep back into LOA (Law of Attraction) because of my day job being so negative all of time. I need more positive interaction and thinking. I created this Vision Board, above, and got to thinking waaay better everyday. I even went as far as believing that I would have a million dollars by my birthday which was last Monday. Well, I am not 1 million dollar's richer, but learned a great lesson. And that lesson is you have got to stick with it, and never falter in those belief's, ever. I allowed myself to stop believing about mid February, when my day job handed me more negativity. It is what it is, and I must work, so there ya go!

Please go check out Cheryl's blog. She is the bestest!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mixed Emotions, Sherlock, Allergies & Cars

Today a Stanislaus County Sheriff Deputy that was gunned down last week in Modesto was laid to rest. Very very sad.

I went to a friend's yard sale sale today and bought a boat load of Sherlock Holmes books. Love Mr Holmes.

My car cost me $826.00 on Tuesday because the check engine light was on and had been on for at least a year, and it is time to have it smogged, (Thanx California) and it would not pass smog with that light on. So that was that until this afternoon when I looked and guess what? Yep, it was on again. ARG!!! So back it went and they just called to pick it up and now it is out again. I just wanted to cover up the light with a piece of tape. LOL !

Well, that brings me to my allergies and yukky eyes and sneezing since yesterday. Yikes! Love the nuts and fruit, hate the blooms. I had 2 eye appointments this week, one for cataracts and one for new specs. Easy stuff.

My friend Lotus is coming over in the morning for a 3 hour art journal get together! Woo Hoo! That will be fun.

And with that, I will say goodbye, but also please go here and check out this new art journal magazine called Featuring, that will feature art journal artist's that are not so famous. Cool, I might even try to submit something.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Blogger Test Post and Some Bees

Blah Blah Blah
This Gi-normous Bee Thing was in my neighbor's tree this week. Yikes!! This new Blogger doesn't look too scary. I hope.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Joy Is.....Being Safe From the World

This is what actually happened 30 miles from where I live in Stockton last Wednesday. Yikes! We don't see this type of severe weather much here, but this week it has been nuts. I was in Visalia 150 miles away on Wednesday and got trapped in a Michael's Store while it hailed, had lots of steak lightening and ton's of thunder. It rained about an inch in a half hour, I swear. I was OK where I was and continued to shop LOL, but other folks and their little kids were scared. I over heard one lady say, "I moved out here to get away from this kind of weather and it followed me." She was from the mid west. My DIL called and was freaked out when she looked at the weather channel and saw what was going on at my home. Crazee! I got hailed on yesterday out trying to buy an internet booster for this house. That frozen rain kinda hurts. It has continued all week. This afternoon it is actually looking better.

Also, when I got home there was sadness happening in Modesto again. A Deputy Sheriff and a Locksmith went to a condo to serve an eviction notice to the occupants. When they knocked on the door they were both shot and killed on the spot. So sad.

But there was some happiness when I got home and found my pre birthday happy mail from my friend Cheryl:

I really needed this book and always need new stencils and she also sent some copic markers but I put them away before I remembered to take a pic. Love happy mail! Go check out Cheryl's blog. She is having a 500th post give away.

Oh yea, and while I was trapped in Michael's, I found a yummy paper pad, by Jolee's Boutique. It is called French General. And all of it looks like old wallpaper that my Grandma had:

Since I can never find old wallpaper books at the paint stores, this is the next best thing! Yum! I love vintage stuffs.

And to top off the week I found a new 32 gig Ipod Touch on Craigslist for $200.00, so I grabbed it, cause I got my taxes back! Woot! Dans Dans!!

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

WOTW For a Friend

I believe I saw this on a wall somewhere recently.

Or it should be.

Check out my friend Cheryl's WOTW this week. She has the coolest Tuna can on her post that I have ever saw.

Very snazzy!

Joy Is......New Stuff's Part 2

First of all Happy Easter!! This is a wabbit that I drew during one of the many conference calls I must endure each week. Kinda different. And then I cut him out to go somewhere in my journal.

This past week, was extremely busy on the day job side. But I actually got to do some arty shopping also, as you will see here:

EXTRA EXTRA, Michael's is selling washi type tape. A bunch of different kinds. 3 in each pack, a solid roll, and 2 different prints. Cool! Had to have the bird on a wire. AND for all of you Smashbook folk's, there is new tape, the date tape in the middle of this pic and they now have Extra Big Smashbooks. My friend Beth bought one that is maybe 11 X 9" or so. It is fricking huge!

Besides the tape I bought pens, yea, I needed more. Those 50% off coupons are not my friends.

This set is Stabilo markers. I bought it at Aaron Brother's. It comes in this funky plastic case that folds out. They write over most everything so far. I have always used these in a fine nib set, but these are like a bullet type. Here is a look at the tip:

Very nice and the set is 20 markers.

I also had to buy another set called Zig Ball Markers.

I really like these. They write very smooth and so far I haven't found anything they won't write on. Here is a peek at the tip. Looks like a regular gel pen:

I was able to visit my friend Beth this week and she had this set of Prismacolor Pastel Sticks that she was not fond of so I bought her a set of the Zig pens and she gave the pastel's to me.

I still have to use them to draw a conclusion. Beth's take was they are too dusty and messy. She has extreme breathing problem's so these are a no no for her.

And then I went to Joann's yesterday at home and got this sticker maker for almost nothing with coupon's:


And so that is about it for this week. I will leave you with 3 journal pages I have been working on. The one with all of the writing is just me trying out new pens and markers.
Bye till next week. Take care of yourselves. I am off to eat my chocolate bunny!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Joy IS.....Just Trying To Grasp


I just realized it is Sunday night at 7:21pm and I have not posted a blog post yet. So this will be short and grumbly.

I had a Dr Appt on Friday with my new Dr since my Dr for over 20 years retired. So this guy is very nice, but also very thorough. Waay more than the old guy.

My C was up again. I told him that I travel for work and it is HELL to be able to eat right while on the road. He said we have a class for that. OK sign me up. But he put me on a choesteral pill. Then we talked about my eyes. I told him that I have an appt for an eye exam on the 19th. He told me to make an appt with the Optamologist(?) there. OK, and then I told him that once in a while my right eye is blurry all day and it drives me nuts. So he shines the light in my eyes and says, you might have a cateract. Holy %$*&@ Batman!! Never even thought about something like that. My G'ma had surgery on both eyes when I was a kid and Daddy has cateracts but not bad one's. So now look out, I may have one!

Then he asked if I had ever had a colonoscopy (?). I said no just the little poo poo test every year, and they have always been OK. He said 50% of colon cancer is missed with those tests. WHAT??? He said I should have already had 2 colonoscopies for my age. Yikes! OK, sign me up for that! Dang, by the time I left I was a little, no, a lot upset with the old Dr.
He told me so much stuff I was wishing I had a recorder with me so I didn't forget anything. I haven't been arting much this week. Just trying to get back into the swing of things since Dallas.

Tomorrow I am headed to Visalia again for all week. Have to teach a Safety Summit down there on Tuesday.

So that is my tale of woe. Until next time:

This will be my motto this week, as I have a ton of work to do with folks that get under my skin. Hee!