Saturday, April 21, 2012

WOTW to Win

This is my submission to my friend, Cheryl's WOTW series.

In December, I got deep back into LOA (Law of Attraction) because of my day job being so negative all of time. I need more positive interaction and thinking. I created this Vision Board, above, and got to thinking waaay better everyday. I even went as far as believing that I would have a million dollars by my birthday which was last Monday. Well, I am not 1 million dollar's richer, but learned a great lesson. And that lesson is you have got to stick with it, and never falter in those belief's, ever. I allowed myself to stop believing about mid February, when my day job handed me more negativity. It is what it is, and I must work, so there ya go!

Please go check out Cheryl's blog. She is the bestest!!


Cheryl said...

I love your Prosperity photo. Can I nab it? I have yet to make a dream board. I really need to. Thanks for playing.

Gallery Juana said...

cool sign photo!
Following over from Cheryl's writing on the wall blog.

Hope you continue to find ways to rebalance yourself.