Monday, May 30, 2011

3 Day Weekend Art-complishments

Happy Monday! I can say that since it is a Monday and I am not working. Woot!

I have been doing some serious work in my art journal this weekend that i want to share.

I am using a Composition Book that I glued 3 pages together throughout to make it stronger. I am liking this. A little larger than a Moleskine, which is my first love, but with a larger surface to challenge me. And it cost me 25 cents at the back to school sales at Target last fall.
I still have to do some writing for this, thinking maybe something about falling in love? Or maybe something about having someone there to catch me? I will figure it out.

On this spread I used some new 7 Gypsie's 6 X 6 paper called Lille. I love 7 G's. I put a different sheet on each side. The word Abundance means so much to me everyday that I had to use it. The other sheet that says Life is Good, is another happy place for me. I added a bit of corrugate that I made with a paper crimper that I learned from Paula Phillips, my friend in Canada. Please check her out as Journal Artista on You Tube. She is the bestest teacher for learning the basics. She is going places, folks, I'm telling you. And I am glad she considers me a friend. I added the Lille tape to match. I still have work to do on this spread also, but wanted to go ahead and post them.

I took the leap and booked my vacation flight and car rental. It is done! I will be heading to Missouri in July to see my son and his family for a week. I have not been there since '07! I have not seen my Grandkids since then, except for a short 30 hour stay in 2009 when I had traveled to Iowa for work and we all met in KC for the weekend before I flew home. I am looking forward to it so much.

I am stopping in Columbia MO for a couple of hours on the way there to meet Barb Owen who joins in on Paula Phillips Ustreams on Wednesday and Sunday's in the chat room. Can't wait to meet her. I would also like to drive to OK City while I am out there, and meet Jonathan Manning, AKA The Artistc Biker, who has restored an old building to create a Art Studio for kids. I doubt if I will get there, but I certainly would like to. Since I am only going to be there for one week, time will fly!!

OK I am off thinking about a Monday Only Flea Market here, that I never get to go to. Byeeeeee!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Gotta Share

Hey folks, I know that Blogger has been giving everyone some trouble lately, but I needed to post my every weekend post anyway.

If you are anything like me, you are connected to folks on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc, or just love to be on the internet in ANY capacity.

Since I have been "technologically" enhanced in the last couple of months with acquiring an Ipad 2 and an HTC Thunderbolt Smart Phone, I am now connected more than ever to cyber space. I can now check in, and share what I am doing at any given minute of the day. Or I can check out what everybody else is doing or checking into.

Let's face it; Hi my name is Sharon and I am an Internet Junkie!!
In short, I love it!!!

And so since I love to share what is happening with me and what I find out there surfing all the time, I had to share this new "Improv Everywhere" Musical. If you don't know about Improv Everywhere, you need to connect and check them out.

Have a safe and fun 3 dayer................

Sunday, May 22, 2011

RIP My Friend........

Yesterday was my friends' memorial service, who passed last Friday, (see previous post). I met Pam in 2002 and worked for her for 7 years. We became co workers, and she became a mentor to me. But most of all, she became my friend. She and I shared a common thread; both of us had raised our children as single parents, working away from the home everyday, and still gave them the best that we could.

Pam shared my love for antiques and vintage anything's, and often, we would extend our lunch and shop the antique stores downtown by the office.

Pam was a Breast Cancer survivor for over 13 years. And then last fall, it returned with a vengeance. She left her home in February for a routine Chemo Treatment and because of other medical complications, she was never able to return to her home. I visited her weekly in the Hospital and watched this strong, beautiful, spirited woman slipping away.

She made sure that everything for her final arrangements was perfect. She did not want to be a burden to her daughter and son. And as soon as that was finalized, she left us as graceful as she had been, her entire life.

Today she is on her way home to Montana, where she wanted to retire and be close to her son and his family. And now she will be forever.

I love you, my friend.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Pain has Ended, let the Healing Begin

Hi all,

This has to be a quick post, cause I am up early and leaving. I have to!

On Friday the 13th, 3 people I know, died!!

The first was a beloved friend and former boss, who died of Cancer. CANCER SUX!!

The second was a bus driver that did not work for us now, but I had hired in 2005 when I worked at another location in Merced. Drove his motorcycle into the side of a BUS and died!

The third was one of our bus driver's who worked at one of the division's I support. Sucide!

I will never look at a Friday the 13th the same again.

This morning the hubs and I are driving 500 miles away to a secluded location with a few hundred slot machines and Black Jack tables.

I have to!

The pain has ended, let the healing begin.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Interesting Mother's Day

When would my life not be interesting??

I started my Mother's Day with the chance of going back to bed and sleeping 2 additional hours after getting up very early like always, but never getting to return. So that was great. I didn't drag my lazy self out of bed until 8:00am! Next my son called and I talked to the Grandkids and Daughter in Law. They are struggling, but surviving.

Next, I purchased a fancy new smart phone, and I know it will be smarter than me! But My Crackberry is starting to drop calls a lot. Not good, since it is my work phone also. It will arrive on Tuesday. then the struggle begins of trying to learn how it works kicks in! Ugh!

After that fiasco, I went to visit my Mom and then................

This is when the day started going downhill just a little..........

The hubs has to have a colonoscopy tomorrow, so I am in the process now of making him drink a gallon of prep so everything gets cleaned out! Yuk! I get the day off tomorrow because he has to have a driver and a nurse after the procedure!! And that be me! Double yuk! Because he is getting ready to be a Grumpus Gus for the next 24 hours at least. Lovely!

I have no photos today of any arty activities, but I am just a wee bit busy at the moment!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. Mine has been interesting;-)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Just a Little Late, But that's OK

Hi folks, This will be a short post.

I was ready last night to post like always on the weekend, and while I was watching Paula Phillips on Ustream, someone in the chat mentioned some stuff happening on the news. So I was there the rest of the evening and did not get this posted. So now I have to cram before the day job kicks in.

This last week a few things of importance took place:

A Royal Wedding, a devastating tornado in Alabama and the end of a terrorist in Pakistan. Here I will only speak of the tornado. My friend Barb Smith of Craft Therapy lives in Alabama and about 20 miles from that huge tornado that killed over 300 lives. I texted her on Wednesday evening to see if she and her family were alright and held my breath. In about 10 minutes or less she came back and said yes, but things were an extreme mess. Please think positive thoughts for the folks there, that they can begin to heal. And go to her blog and find the donation button and donate the cost of the Starbux drink you can do without this morning to help those folks. Thanx.

OK I will get off the soapbox.

I have been trying to make my own corrugate/cardboard this week for some de-lish distressed projects I am involved in. This is just the beginning. More pics when I finish.

Next up are a couple of journal spreads:

This one was started and sat on my table for a month. Finally I feel it is good to go.

This one is a practice piece from my new found fun drawing/doodling/killing time art. Yea for Austin Kleon! Google his name and be amazed! Cause someday I will learn how to insert links in my posts.

Oh one more thing this past week.............I got a $33.00 parking ticket while working at my old office. Lovely!

Well it is already 6:15 and I gotta run to get out the door by 7:00 to get to Sacramento.

Have a great creative week, my friends!