Monday, May 2, 2011

Just a Little Late, But that's OK

Hi folks, This will be a short post.

I was ready last night to post like always on the weekend, and while I was watching Paula Phillips on Ustream, someone in the chat mentioned some stuff happening on the news. So I was there the rest of the evening and did not get this posted. So now I have to cram before the day job kicks in.

This last week a few things of importance took place:

A Royal Wedding, a devastating tornado in Alabama and the end of a terrorist in Pakistan. Here I will only speak of the tornado. My friend Barb Smith of Craft Therapy lives in Alabama and about 20 miles from that huge tornado that killed over 300 lives. I texted her on Wednesday evening to see if she and her family were alright and held my breath. In about 10 minutes or less she came back and said yes, but things were an extreme mess. Please think positive thoughts for the folks there, that they can begin to heal. And go to her blog and find the donation button and donate the cost of the Starbux drink you can do without this morning to help those folks. Thanx.

OK I will get off the soapbox.

I have been trying to make my own corrugate/cardboard this week for some de-lish distressed projects I am involved in. This is just the beginning. More pics when I finish.

Next up are a couple of journal spreads:

This one was started and sat on my table for a month. Finally I feel it is good to go.

This one is a practice piece from my new found fun drawing/doodling/killing time art. Yea for Austin Kleon! Google his name and be amazed! Cause someday I will learn how to insert links in my posts.

Oh one more thing this past week.............I got a $33.00 parking ticket while working at my old office. Lovely!

Well it is already 6:15 and I gotta run to get out the door by 7:00 to get to Sacramento.

Have a great creative week, my friends!


Lotus said...

Love the second spread of your journal CB. I didn't see that one.

Are you truly surprised that Mo-town gave you such a gift? At least it wasn't $355 like mine... sigh.

Hope you're doing well. Good to see you working on your art again!

Cheryl said...

You did some fantastic spreads this week. You're an awesome babe!