Sunday, May 8, 2011

Interesting Mother's Day

When would my life not be interesting??

I started my Mother's Day with the chance of going back to bed and sleeping 2 additional hours after getting up very early like always, but never getting to return. So that was great. I didn't drag my lazy self out of bed until 8:00am! Next my son called and I talked to the Grandkids and Daughter in Law. They are struggling, but surviving.

Next, I purchased a fancy new smart phone, and I know it will be smarter than me! But My Crackberry is starting to drop calls a lot. Not good, since it is my work phone also. It will arrive on Tuesday. then the struggle begins of trying to learn how it works kicks in! Ugh!

After that fiasco, I went to visit my Mom and then................

This is when the day started going downhill just a little..........

The hubs has to have a colonoscopy tomorrow, so I am in the process now of making him drink a gallon of prep so everything gets cleaned out! Yuk! I get the day off tomorrow because he has to have a driver and a nurse after the procedure!! And that be me! Double yuk! Because he is getting ready to be a Grumpus Gus for the next 24 hours at least. Lovely!

I have no photos today of any arty activities, but I am just a wee bit busy at the moment!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. Mine has been interesting;-)


Lotus said...

O the joys of motherhood... Ya, I'm making reference to hubby... ; ) Don't we become mothers to them when they're sick?

Hey! At least you have a new toy to play with!

I hope everything goes "well" for hubby... lol!

Cheryl said...

I hope everything comes out all right. Yeah, I said it. Happy Mother's Day to you. Mine was low-key.

Connie Lutz said...

Hope all went well with the hubby - were you able to play when he was napping?