Sunday, May 22, 2011

RIP My Friend........

Yesterday was my friends' memorial service, who passed last Friday, (see previous post). I met Pam in 2002 and worked for her for 7 years. We became co workers, and she became a mentor to me. But most of all, she became my friend. She and I shared a common thread; both of us had raised our children as single parents, working away from the home everyday, and still gave them the best that we could.

Pam shared my love for antiques and vintage anything's, and often, we would extend our lunch and shop the antique stores downtown by the office.

Pam was a Breast Cancer survivor for over 13 years. And then last fall, it returned with a vengeance. She left her home in February for a routine Chemo Treatment and because of other medical complications, she was never able to return to her home. I visited her weekly in the Hospital and watched this strong, beautiful, spirited woman slipping away.

She made sure that everything for her final arrangements was perfect. She did not want to be a burden to her daughter and son. And as soon as that was finalized, she left us as graceful as she had been, her entire life.

Today she is on her way home to Montana, where she wanted to retire and be close to her son and his family. And now she will be forever.

I love you, my friend.


Cheryl said...

A nice eulogy and a wonderful journal spread. I like the colours and the feathers and letters. Now you can heal with me.

~Barb~ said...

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman and friend. *Hugs* of healing to you, dear heart aches with you.
Peace & Love Always,