Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wow! I Need to Work in My "New" Journal

This is a pic I found this morning of a 1938 Grey Hound Bus. Very cool!! Don't know the manufacturer but it is cool anyway.

This is what I have figured out this morning........When my new job slows down a little, and I get back into the thick of journaling.........drum roll.........It will all be new to me again!!!! Yeaaaaaa!!!!! Just like someone starting out. This is a good thing. I just won't need to buy a gazillion art supplies, cause I have a gazillion already.

My new job makes me happy and it puts me exactly where I want to be, helping other Safety Managers get it right. Unfortunately, I get pulled into current issues when I visit sometimes, but that's OK. I can actually look at those with fresh eyes and mind and without any prejudices cause I don't know all of the players like I did in my own division.

Anyway, this morning I am heading out to a Safety Seminar to assist with getting all of the Safety Managers that attend on the SAME page!!! That's a good thing!

And today my Baby is 34 years old. Happy BD, Little Man!! Psst, he's 6'4"!! HA! But he will always be MY little man!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

No I Haven't Forgotten

I knew when I began my new job, that it would be a challenge to keep up with my blog. I so still want to blog, and will just have to make myself do it. I wanted this to be a place I could post my "tryings" in my journal and not just writing, but it seems that to keep this up, a lot of it will be my thoughts and findings in words, not so much in pictures. *sigh*

I was gone 3 weeks to Anaheim, very close to "The Happiest Place on Earth" for a contract start up, and worked crazy hours, always on very little sleep. Came home this last Thursday afternoon, worked in my old office all day Friday, took yesterday to get ready to fly this morning to Iowa to our Corporate office for a week. So you can see why I have been out of touch.

I am still stalking you, not just as often. I have had such "Sucked" Internet service while away from home, it was either very very slow, or non exsistant or I had to use my Blackberry for a modem and that was slow, but that's OK cause you are still out there journaling away for me and I love it and when I get home I know that I can catch up on what I missed while out of touch.