Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just a Short Shout

I am on the run again. So this is just a very short shout out to tell you all that I am in week 3 and still have not bought any arty supplies!! I am stoked!

Did not get home until 4:30pm yesterday, have a ton to do today, and then when most normal folks are sleeping in on Sunday morning, I will be trekking toward the Sacramento Airport to catch an early flight down to Whittier CA in So Cal to teach a work class for a week. I will not be home until next Friday night around 8:00pm. Yep, color me busy! It pays the bills, but.....

My new gig in San Francisco will get me I am sure. It is taking time to get the folks who work there to come around to my way of thinking. UGH!

And let's see what else is going on. Oh yea, my Brother from DC will be in town on the 10th for a couple of weeks for my Daddy's 94th birthday. I will be working while he is here, but will visit in the evenings when I am home. I am trying to schedule myself closer to home that 2 weeks, but got word on Monday I may be back in Dallas for another meeting the week of the 23rd. Yikes! That can't be good since we just had a meeting there in March. But the March meeting was for the GM's (General Managers) and this one in July will only be for the ASD's (Area Safety Directors).

Anyway, you can understand why I am like I am.

I apologize to everyone that come's here and reads my blog, and know that I read their blogs as well, because I have been visiting but not taking the time to comment on the post's.

I am too hyper, or ADD,or HDD or whatever they call it, now a days*wink*.

Gotta run and get a haircut, visit the parents, do laundry, pack, go to bed early, and get up at 3:30am and start tomorrow!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

2 Weeks And Counting

OK, so for 2 weeks, I have not bought any art supplies. Wheee! Looks like I am on a roll. All coupons I get in the mail, I lose quickly and any I receive through the email are gone also, very quickly. I must be strong.  I did notice today that my adhesive tape runner is very low, so I might go to some wierd-o place to buy a replacement like the grocery store. They have small one's that I can get by with. I must stay away from the major art supply brick and mortar stores! I actually still had $300.00 in my checking acct when I got paid yesterday. Because I stayed away from temptations.

I recently found a great new "old" book for an art journal at a yard sale:

It is 11 X 8 and is an old RealEstate School text with 500 pages.. The paper feels cool and takes ink, watercolor, and Pitt Brush Pens without soaking through. Sharpies go right through and so do Copic's of course. I am happy. I have always wanted a "book" to make into an art journal. And this one was used, with a ton of notes written in the margin's and sentences underlined. So cool. Here is what it looks like after I threw some water color and ink spray's on it:

This will take me some major years to fill up. WOW!

My FREE 72 Art Bars Tin from Derwent arrived while I was gone last week. The tin container took some major hits and was very dinged up and a few of the bars were broken but that is OK. I straightened it out pretty good and I am excited to have won them!

They are very cool to work with. YAY!! And some time's buying an art supply brings a major dividend. This time it did for sure.

The day job side of my life just keeps getting rougher and rougher. Spent 3 days in San Francisco this week just trying to wrap my brain around the new division. It has some great dedicated folks working to make it better. Just hope that their driver's appreciate all that the management does behind the scene's for them. And it only took me 3 hours to get home on Wednesday afternoon/evening. UGH! I must leave earlier.

Next week I will be down south of home, where it will be hotter, ugh! Today and tomorrow Mr Weather said it would be 106, but it only got to 101 today, so hope 106 stay's away tomorrow also.

Well, I am off of here to get ready for Paula to Stream tonight. She says she will be there.  Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's and all of the Single Mom's out there that are Dad also. My son will call me tomorrow to wish me a Happy Father's Day! He has since he could talk and he is 36.

Catch ya's later. Stay safe and hydrated.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day Job Stress, But I Haven't Bought Any Art Supplies

OK, so I decided last weekend that I would not be buying any art supplies for a while, and now I am into mid Sunday and have kept that promise. I have not bought anything art supply related in a week, except for one book, that I had to have. This one:

This has got some great collages in it. So I could not refuse it. And it was $17.99 instead of the usual $24.99 that most art books cost.

I actually have tried to de stress this weekend by working in my craft cave. It is a diaster. But I only got as far as throwing away some old Tim Holtz Ranger Dabber paints that were dried up and keeping the dabber tops to put onto my craft paints, they fit = YAY!! New working dabber paints! Pretty slick, if I say so myself:

My day job is now causing me even more stress than normal. The company I work for, lost our 10 year contract with the division that I have worked at and for, for the last 22 years. We will close that door permanantly in September. So because of that, I have been "gifted" with another division, which is in San Francisco. I already know there are issues there, and I am suppose to go in and fix the boo boo's. Great! I just can't wait. And the drama begins tomorrow morning. I have to be up there for most of next week. And since I am not much excited about SF, I am not very happy about this. Just more stress that I did not need.

Please send your prayers to my good friend Kelly Kilmer who lost her Dad very unexpected yesterday. I know that most of art journal community know Kelly. I feel so sorry for her and her family.

I hope that everyone is being artful this weekend.

I am out!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

And I Quote.....

"No more art supplies will be bought after today!"

It is over, I give up. I may write it out in long hand 500 times to make sure.

My friend Cheryl and I have talked about this and we both agree that buying stuff we don't need must stop and MUST Happen.

My biggest weakness of course is the coupons. Coupons do to me as they were intended when they were created. Offer a discount and entice the customer into the brick and mortar establishment so while shopping with the coupon for a % off of one item, they find lots more to buy NOT at a discount! Grrrrr! And after today, that is over! I am done.

So on to my last buying trip today. I received an email from a LSS having a buy one, get one free BOGO on any red rubber stamp set in the store. So OK I went and got 4 sets of Dylusions Rubber Stamp sets, paying for 2 and getting 2 free. I also bought 2 Dylusions stencils, that I didn't have. The stamps are over $20.00 each, so very hard to resist. I so wanted the girl stamp sets, but they didn't have any, so I got these 4 instead:

And these two stencils:

So I am happy now and really feel like I can stop buying stuff! It is very sad, when you have a 40% off and actually walk around the store for 45 minutes trying to find something to burn the coupon on, because you don't need anything more! So that is that! I vow to be strong.

Did you see the new button on top of my blog? Put It On Paper is a new art journal zine that my friend, Less Herger of and a friend of her's has created. Click on the button and you can learn all about it. It is great and thanx in advance for your support to a small business.

And another friend, Samantha Kira Harding has created a new Pay What You Can Art Journal class on her new ning site. Check it out here:

So that is that.

Unfortunately, my day job is winding up to give me more stress it seems! Ugh! I willl talk at ya all next weekend.

Have fun, but always stay safe.