Saturday, June 2, 2012

And I Quote.....

"No more art supplies will be bought after today!"

It is over, I give up. I may write it out in long hand 500 times to make sure.

My friend Cheryl and I have talked about this and we both agree that buying stuff we don't need must stop and MUST Happen.

My biggest weakness of course is the coupons. Coupons do to me as they were intended when they were created. Offer a discount and entice the customer into the brick and mortar establishment so while shopping with the coupon for a % off of one item, they find lots more to buy NOT at a discount! Grrrrr! And after today, that is over! I am done.

So on to my last buying trip today. I received an email from a LSS having a buy one, get one free BOGO on any red rubber stamp set in the store. So OK I went and got 4 sets of Dylusions Rubber Stamp sets, paying for 2 and getting 2 free. I also bought 2 Dylusions stencils, that I didn't have. The stamps are over $20.00 each, so very hard to resist. I so wanted the girl stamp sets, but they didn't have any, so I got these 4 instead:

And these two stencils:

So I am happy now and really feel like I can stop buying stuff! It is very sad, when you have a 40% off and actually walk around the store for 45 minutes trying to find something to burn the coupon on, because you don't need anything more! So that is that! I vow to be strong.

Did you see the new button on top of my blog? Put It On Paper is a new art journal zine that my friend, Less Herger of and a friend of her's has created. Click on the button and you can learn all about it. It is great and thanx in advance for your support to a small business.

And another friend, Samantha Kira Harding has created a new Pay What You Can Art Journal class on her new ning site. Check it out here:

So that is that.

Unfortunately, my day job is winding up to give me more stress it seems! Ugh! I willl talk at ya all next weekend.

Have fun, but always stay safe.


Ophelia said...

I can totally relate to your post today. I have said this over and over again...sigh...
Love your new goodies though :))

Cheryl said...

Cool goodies from Dylusions. I am with you my friend. No more spending $$ on art supplies starting today.

Erin in Morro Bay said...

Sounds like we all have this problem - my downfall is Michael's; the coupons and then my daughter is a manager there so I can use the excuse of the discount as well. Have been buying much less in recent times, but still the temptation is strong.

Connie Lutz said...

Let me know how that goes! If you abstain from more purchases, I'll need to know your secrets!