Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Art Shopping Day

Hey folks,

This weekend is NOT the weekend I am suppose to art supply shop, but when you are in the zone and the best stuff jumps out at you, how can you not take advantage? Somebody please tell me how to resist.

Yes I need help.

Back in the day, many many years ago, I quit 2 bad habits, smoking cigarettes (17 years ago) and drinking alcohol (27 years ago). I am very proud of me for doing that, BUT I cannot quit eating bad, and I desparately need to, and I can't stop buying art supplies. I am in trouble.

Well until I figure it out, might as well show ya's what jumped on me and stuck today.

I had some coupon's for Aaron Brother's and so I had to go check on their stuff's. They were having a huge 50% off of a lot of stuff also, plus I has coupons. They have received a bunch of new stuff since I had been there so I could not resist. Told ya!

They had Dyan Reaveley stamps. OMG! I got the house one because I want to use the houses to make dresses for girls. Tomorrow I will go back and get another set with another 50% off. Also got 2 wide copic markers. I have never even seen those in a store. And I got some new Gelatos and a pack of Brush Tip Sharpies. Cool.
But the best was found at Hobby Lobby. Derwent Artbars. Yum Yum! 12 were $24.99 and of course I had a 40% off, so sweeet, I scored BIG TIME! I never even thought they would make it to the US, let alone in Modesto!

Last night I went to Barnes & Noble to look again, for the new Law of Attraction magazine which of course was not there, but this was! I grabbed it very fast. And as always I had a 20% off and my member 10% off for a total of 30% off this $14.99 magazine. Yep I was stocked.

So there ya have it. My tale of woe. But I am off for the weekend and don't really have to think too much about work until Tuesday when I have to go do another audit. Ugh!

Have a great weekend, and please take a moment to think about the men and women who have gave all and what this Monday really means. They gave their lives for us so we could be free and live safe everyday in the US.


Cheryl said...

OMG! You bought it! I've had my eye on that set of stamps forever. I also like the other one with the girl and the mushrooms. You have an addiction with pens, I know. I'm glad you're taking the weekend off.

Tanya said...

OH wow artbars.....LOVE you are getting some great deals and I know how hard it is to resist a good deal.