Sunday, June 27, 2010

Frustrated, UGH!!

I have had an interesting day, trying to make a You Tube video. How can it be so hard if so many people are doing it? I have a Flip Video camera, that I have never used. So today was the day. I made an 8 minute video of my studio slash junkpile:)this morning. Anyway I tried to upload it, and 3 hours later when I canceled the upload, it wasn't saved in the right program. Then I just tried to attach it to an email to send to a friend, that won't work either. A very nice young man I found while doing a Google search online helped some, but not enough. So I gave up. I do have it saved to my desktop, and that is where it is staying! Thank you! I will blame Vista.

I actually worked on a couple of journal pages this weekend in my new journal, but I have not got the enthusiasm I usually have. I will blame the heat!

Today my Grandaughter is 9 yrs old and my Grandson turned 14 on Friday and I haven't seen them for too long. I will blame the economy!

I am grumpy, and I need an ice cream....................

Friday, June 25, 2010

Learning How to Really Do the Blogger Thing Right

Please notice that I am writing under this photo of what I call The Haul. I am loving this. My friend Cheryl and i met on my way home from work and she showed me how to post stuff and get it where I WANTED IT. Fingers crossed when I push the publish post button, right now.........OMG!! It worked. And she also showed me how to post a You Tube video also. And she gave me cool rubber stamps and a ton of Orange Crush bottle tops for the faces.....

I am now writing under the Faces photo........OMG!! It worked. She is amazing and I am so glad we found each other. Art friends are the best!!!

After I left her last night I went for a long drive down Sunrise Blvd and found a Barnes & Noble and a Michael's where I of course bought a few little things, Some more tape and a 3 X 3 pack of 300 Origami sheets. Very fun. And perfect for ATC's.

Oh Oh Oh, I almost forgot we also traded ATC's.........I got home at 9:30pm, in bed at 11:00pm and no sleep for some unknown middle age reason and up again at 4:30am. Worked all day and now I am about to crash & burn....until next time.zzzzzzz

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trading ATC's and Retail Therapy

Ok, the ATC's in the first pic is what I created this morning. The bottom pic is what I traded for at the art store today. Very fun and cool as the girl that works there was excited that SOMEBODY actually wants to trade, so I must get busy and make more.
Now on to the retail therapy. A very large church in Motown had a zillion yard sales today. They have one every year and tons of folks bring their stuff and have a yard sale. There were at least 50 different yards sales in the parking lot. So one stop yard sailing for me!! I didn't actually buy too much. No scrapbook stuff. Rats!!
Then I went to the bad place.............Beverly's Craft store, and again I didn't buy anything BUT they always have an on going sidewalk sale and today they put out these crop tote scrapbook carry cases. They are black canvas for $10.00, or for 15.00 I could get black faux leather one. I actually walked away, but I don't know how long I can stay away. I really think I could get a hell of a lot of journaling stuff in one of those, so I wouldn't have to take so many bags with me when I travel with my journaling stuff. I swear I make 3 to 4 trips back and forth to the car when I arrive at the Hotel and when I leave the hotel to come home!!!!
I am the bag lady!!!!!!!!!!
Hope ya'll are having a artful weekend!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

ATC Weekend

I made these 3 ATC's last weekend, and now this weekend I am going to take them over to the Artel Art Store and trade them for some they have on display. Hopefully the one I saw the last time I was there will still be there. It was a sketch of a womans face, and the creator had burned it around the edges. Yea!! I have never really gotten into ATC's, but now I am beginning to like them more and my friend, Cheryl belongs to an ATC group so that is what has got me to thinking about them more. Maybe some Saturday I can go meet with them and check out what ATC's they have. Fun!!

So hopefully I will be able to post again tomorrow after I do some tradin'.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lazy Saturday

So today seems to be a lazy day and that is OK cause I have to work again tomorrow on Sunday!! UGH! The winds are blowin' like Chicago here this weekend and I actually heard on the radio yesterday that we were having Wind Warnings! Wow, we never have any kind of warnings about the weather here. But it is blowing so hard I could not play with the spray paint outside. So I played inside with a makeup sponge and white gesso on my watercolor back grounds.

I went to a zillion yard sales today AND the flea market. Got some cool stuff. I also made an ATC as you can see and created my stencil binder. There is like 40 stencils in it, each in their own sleeve.

But the best part of this weekend......I went to Office Depot to look for cardstock and found a fan that is USB powered so it plugs into my laptop and blows in my face, keeps me cool and it only cost 4 bucks!! Very cool!! Pun intended!! And it is long like those laptop lights so if I ever do get cooled off I just bend it out of the way until it is needed again. HA! That'll show Mother Nature!
Hope you are having a lazy arty Saturday, too.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Stuff and a Call for Help

Please read my photos from bottom to top...sigh...

I will start off with the my new sewing "paper" machine. As you can see I actually did sew some practice stitches. Very easy when you slow down and concentrate. I will definately be doing lots more of this for my journals, and actually getting around to completing my Urban Journal.

So now I have added more photos and of course they are out of order, Oh well we must move forward.
The gallon ziplock bag of rubber stamps came from the flea market yesterday along with the Mark Ryden book. OMG!! This guy is sooo talented, I love his art AND I found it for $2.00. Woo Hoo!
Also I got a call from Stamper's Corner in Elk Grove that the Tim Holtz tape was in, soooo I went yesterday and picked it up. Yes it is worth the price and each roll is 16 yds. More than I will use in a long time. Each package has 2 different rolls. I made a 2 page spread with each type last night in my "Kelly" journal. Looks so cool.
And now for the news. My friend Barb and her family, has hit on hard times. She and I have been communicating as friends for a couple of years via blogs and emails, and she is the bestest kindest soul. Please go read her blog from yesterday and if you can help even a little tiny bit she will be most grateful. And if you can't "Chip In" please leave her a kind thought in the comments. Thank you!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

New Journaling Fodder

Hey folks, I am guessing that it is time to vote next week all over the USA and with that in mind, my snail mail box has been over run with "Vote for Me, Don't Vote for Him/Her" ads. I have been getting 4 to 5 everyday. Most all are printed on 8 1/2 by 11 inch card stock. Woo hoo!! Rough em up, gesso em up or maybe even cut em into strips, etc and go nuts. Free cardstock!! Yea!!

Tomorrow I am driving to Elk Grove to pick up my new Tim Holtz Paper Tape that the scrapbook store is holding for me. Can't wait til I can play with that. I will post about that journey next week. Have an arty weekend.