Friday, June 25, 2010

Learning How to Really Do the Blogger Thing Right

Please notice that I am writing under this photo of what I call The Haul. I am loving this. My friend Cheryl and i met on my way home from work and she showed me how to post stuff and get it where I WANTED IT. Fingers crossed when I push the publish post button, right now.........OMG!! It worked. And she also showed me how to post a You Tube video also. And she gave me cool rubber stamps and a ton of Orange Crush bottle tops for the faces.....

I am now writing under the Faces photo........OMG!! It worked. She is amazing and I am so glad we found each other. Art friends are the best!!!

After I left her last night I went for a long drive down Sunrise Blvd and found a Barnes & Noble and a Michael's where I of course bought a few little things, Some more tape and a 3 X 3 pack of 300 Origami sheets. Very fun. And perfect for ATC's.

Oh Oh Oh, I almost forgot we also traded ATC's.........I got home at 9:30pm, in bed at 11:00pm and no sleep for some unknown middle age reason and up again at 4:30am. Worked all day and now I am about to crash & burn....until next time.zzzzzzz


~Barb~ said...

Fabulous haul you've got there, Sharon! And you're doing awesome with your blogging...I adore reading and seeing everything you share. You're an angel!
Peace & Love,

The Dreaming Bear said...

Greetings from Iowa! Found your blog through Journal Girl's blog! Love it! Would you pretty please with a cherry on top share where you got that sheet of faces? Must. Have. Them. Please? :-)