Sunday, June 27, 2010

Frustrated, UGH!!

I have had an interesting day, trying to make a You Tube video. How can it be so hard if so many people are doing it? I have a Flip Video camera, that I have never used. So today was the day. I made an 8 minute video of my studio slash junkpile:)this morning. Anyway I tried to upload it, and 3 hours later when I canceled the upload, it wasn't saved in the right program. Then I just tried to attach it to an email to send to a friend, that won't work either. A very nice young man I found while doing a Google search online helped some, but not enough. So I gave up. I do have it saved to my desktop, and that is where it is staying! Thank you! I will blame Vista.

I actually worked on a couple of journal pages this weekend in my new journal, but I have not got the enthusiasm I usually have. I will blame the heat!

Today my Grandaughter is 9 yrs old and my Grandson turned 14 on Friday and I haven't seen them for too long. I will blame the economy!

I am grumpy, and I need an ice cream....................


~Barb~ said...

I had a grumpy day, too. I say we both blame the heat. UGH!
Hope it gets better...for both of us. *Hugs* my dear friend!
Peace & Love,

Cheryl said...

My friend, I can see you are in need of a double scoop rocky road ice cream cone. And I blame everything on the heat!

Rita A. said...

You are so brave to try these things but I notice as I went through that you mastered other things in your blog. Actually I found you through the Blog Hop and love what I've seen so far. Your stencil notebook is really impressive.
Keep at it.
Rita A. (no. 2)