Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Actually Did It

If you looked at last weekend's post you will remember that I was nuts trying to make a YT video. Well today I decided to try one more time. And wa la!! Here it is. Now before you go rolling on the floor laughing until your sides ache, please remember that I am a YT video making virgin:) I really needed to edit a couple of things but here it is in it's complete RAW version. AND I was still talking when it stopped. Oh Well!!! Happy 4th folks. Be safe please with the kids and the fire works if you do that sort of thing. Out here in Cali, we just pray no bullets come through the roof and we end up with one in bed with us!!!

Oh yea, I don't know what's with the weird date. I guess that was the last time I had my flip on? Whatever!

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