Friday, July 16, 2010

Where I Learn a New Word....Hauls

Hello folks, well I survived another Daddy BD, and of course he is very happy he survived another LOL. I wanted to tell you all about a new word in my vocabulary. "HAULS". I have been doing hauls forever, but never realized until recently, that this is a class all of it's own. So this begins my hauls posts. I actually drove into Reno this week 3 times for business and found a Joann's, (yes business). I found these stencils, had to have them.

And then I had to have these black and white napkins. Love black and white anything. And I happen to know someone that is in a journal swap right at this moment and her journal's theme is Black and White and Red All Over. Lotus, are you listening????

Next is this cool cardboard traveling trunk I found at B & N last weekend. It has faux leather handles and straps. For $11.95, I couldn't resist.

And as you can see as soon as I found this, I changed journal bags again. I got all of my portable paper all of my pens, markers, etc in it. It is packed. And I cut from 3 bags to 2 for when I travel and take my journal and supplies with me.

And I just counted this week and realized that I take 58 pens and markers, and 15 water color crayons with me. That of course does not count the tissue tape I have to have now, and my Peerless Water Color Sheets that I can't live without and everything else I think I need. But this is a thin cardboard piece, so I must be careful or the handle might break and then I would cry.

My brother is still here because of Daddy's BD and I know that a great yard sale is going on today and so I am sneaking over there with him and get back here before I have to get on my every Friday Conference Calls, Yuk!

But the good news is.......................No more Truckee!! I packed up and left for the last time (I hope) for awhile. Woo Hoo! But I am going straight into another start up next week, but it is only 40 miles away and at least I can come home each night. No living out of a suitcase again for a while, just a trunk, LOL.


Lotus said...

Woohoo CB!
Love the new stuff! And no more Truckee! Another woohoo!

Got a journal spread to show you, so you can see my latest "thing". Can't share it online tho, 'cuz its part of my round robin.

Talk to you later

Cheryl said...

Wow! You really know how to haul it in, don't you? A fabulous haul, my friend. I would love to go hauling with you but alas the weather is not in our favor. I'm going to B&N to p;ick up a hauling case for my self. I LOVE yours. I have to have one of my own!!!