Friday, February 19, 2010

New Goodies, Extra Eyes & My Journal Speaks

Ok well here I am again. This time I have some cool things to show you. First is the new goodies I bought from Ginny's Etsy Shop, studio. I got a package of vintage labels, some old game cards, a package of bakery twine, some brass tags, and some very small glass watch pieces bottles with corks. I also got those great yesterday, today, tomorrow stencils. I swear I bought this stuff on one day and they were here the next. WOW!! great service.
The next two photos are of 2 pair of very large extra eyes or eye glasses. And the only reason they are on this post is because I knocked them off of a very high book case when I tried to place something by them, and since they were down, I figured it would be a good time to take their pictures. The first one in yellow I picked up at the flea market a few years ago, because I thought it was fun, it is made out of wood. But the next one is my most favorite. It is made of metal and has wires arttached to it because it was hanging in a shop when I found it. Very pricey, but one day I happened by there and they were having a 50% off sale and I grabbed them. Too fun. You can tell how big these are by the way I took the pictuures. And if they were hanging instead of leaning, this morning's mishap would not be getting posted about tonight.
The last photo is of my journal the way I found it the other morning when I opened my studio/office door. I had stood it up over night to dry a spread I had created the day before, and went to bed. So it surprised me when I saw it the next morning as I had forgotten about how I had left it. It looks like it saying, "Hey check how fat I am!" LOL! You can click on each pic to enlarge to see anything better.
Hope all of you have a great weekend.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Working on Bone Trees & Writing

Well since Lotus has seen her surprise, I can post again. Both Cheryl and Lotus were suprised all right. That was my intention and it worked. They both are such great inspirations to me. I do like the grid layouts and may do some more when I begin my new journal soon.
On this first one here, I decided that I don't work enough on pages of text as in book pages. They make great backgrounds, so I don't have to paint or try to think up another difficult background. Just tear out the page, slap it down with some glue, and there ya go, instant background. Then I didn't know what to do with it. But I have been trying to practice drawing everyday, especially faces, so that's what I began with. The two nuts on the page on the left made great eyes, and so it went. I even opened a circle stencil to make one face. I tried to put borders up too. On the other page, it had an image of a femur, and I saw it as the trunk of a tree. I have always drawn what I call naked trees, and so that worked out okay. I still want to do more color I think.
The next spread is not finished yet but I chose the theme "Time" for it. For the background on this one, I put collage pieces down and then painted over them for the background. I don't know if you can tell but the image on the right page is an eye with a clock transposed over it. Kinda freeky, but cool. This is the page I believe I will journal on about "time". I need to write more in my journals. So maybe this one will help me begin that process more.
I am loving working in my journal more and more.
I want to make a page or spread and make it only black & white. Cool.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise For My Friends

Ok, so here is the surprise. The first pic is an art journal page I did on the 4th of July in 2006. I had seen on a blog somewhere that the person had made grids and journaled in each square. So I copied that idea and made the first page.
Then last week I met my new art journal friend, Cheryl that I told you about in an earlier post, and when she looked through my journal and turned to that spread, she got very excited and really liked it, sooooo, I decided to recreate journaling in grids again and created one page of the spread and dedicated it to Cheryl and the other page I dedicated to my art friend Lotus. So Suprise, ladies!!!!!!
I certainly hope you like your pages. They are just a thank you for being there and helping me along the way. I know, Cheryl, I just met you, but I know you will inspire me in the future.
I didn't want to make the same size grids this time, so I switched them up to different sizes. I had a ton of fun making these, and it only took me Saturday, Sunday and tonight to finish them. WOW!!
So in the great words of Gomer Pyle, "Surprise, Suprise, Surprise!!! Hee Hee!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

OMG!! I Am So Stoked!!!

I just got off the phone with my DIL and she told me they now have High Speed Internet!!! They live in the sticks in Missouri and they are not close enough to town for this stuff. Yeaaa!!!!
Now they can go online for school and fun!!
This just made my weekend!!! Yes, Score!!!

Junk Journal Covered, New Ventures, Tools and Rain

As you can see in the pics, I covered my little junk journal. BY MYSELF!! It doesn't look like it creased on the right side but it did.
I went loopy again and bought a new toy, the Copic Airbrush Kit. I am not suppose to buy anything for a while, but it's here, so I will have to play with it, gee ya think?
And I went to my hubby's fav place on earth, Harbour Freight, and bought a pack of "stick holes in stuff" picks for book binding. Also a Grommet plier thingy for putting in larger eyelets and a hole maker plier thingy. Yes, I know you are shaking your heads, especially you, Lotus, but at least you understand.LOL!
It is raining today, so that means I can stay in and work in my journal(s) all day. Hee Hee!!
Color me, Happy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Have a New Art Journal Friend, Yeeeeeee!!!

Today was the besestt day. I met a new art journal friend named Cheryl and we had lunch and looked at each other's journals and talked like two school girls LOL!

We have much in common and I am so excited. And the best part was a couple of ladies were sitting across the aisle from us at lunch watching us and finally asked what we had. So Cheryl explained about art journaling. I told her it is,"Scrapbooking on drugs!" Anyway she told us she did some scrapbooking and so then Cheryl asked her if she made ATC's? She didn't know what that was, so we explained and to make a long story short, she might join Cheryl and another friend to make some ATC's.
Cheryl also introduced me to a new Scrapbook store in Roseville. Very nice and she even had a copy of the new Tim Holtz book, WOW!! I am line to get one for sure.

What a great day!! Thanx Cheryl