Saturday, February 13, 2010

Working on Bone Trees & Writing

Well since Lotus has seen her surprise, I can post again. Both Cheryl and Lotus were suprised all right. That was my intention and it worked. They both are such great inspirations to me. I do like the grid layouts and may do some more when I begin my new journal soon.
On this first one here, I decided that I don't work enough on pages of text as in book pages. They make great backgrounds, so I don't have to paint or try to think up another difficult background. Just tear out the page, slap it down with some glue, and there ya go, instant background. Then I didn't know what to do with it. But I have been trying to practice drawing everyday, especially faces, so that's what I began with. The two nuts on the page on the left made great eyes, and so it went. I even opened a circle stencil to make one face. I tried to put borders up too. On the other page, it had an image of a femur, and I saw it as the trunk of a tree. I have always drawn what I call naked trees, and so that worked out okay. I still want to do more color I think.
The next spread is not finished yet but I chose the theme "Time" for it. For the background on this one, I put collage pieces down and then painted over them for the background. I don't know if you can tell but the image on the right page is an eye with a clock transposed over it. Kinda freeky, but cool. This is the page I believe I will journal on about "time". I need to write more in my journals. So maybe this one will help me begin that process more.
I am loving working in my journal more and more.
I want to make a page or spread and make it only black & white. Cool.


Seth said...

Both great spreads Sharon. And it is so nice to see a background of text that hasn't been covered with paint. Really interesting.

Cheryl said...

I like both of your spreads and I'm glad you're playing with text. Your bone tree is FABulous.

Sharon said...

Seth & Cheryl, Thanx for the encouragement. It makes me want to do more. Thanx again for the great comments.

Anonymous said...

Awesome CB!
I'm feeling better, so went straight to your blog this time... ; )

Great work on the new spreads. Are you gonna try to do some "fancy" writing for your journaling?

And, yes, I could see the eye in the clock

Mel♥ said...

HI Sharon thanks for the comment on my Inchies... I use my own images at

I have the links to those images in the Inchie Post!!

They are small but so fun to work with :) Thanks again


Mel♥ said...

Love your Ab spread what fun!

Anonymous said...

Looking good! I can't make out the eye in the clock, but love the idea of it being freaky. ;)


Chris said...

Yeah, it takes some bravery to draw and practice drawing and draw some more. Good that you're doing that and committing to yourself! Great journal discipline. I hope to do only journaling for awhile.