Monday, March 30, 2009

New Baby Go Bye Bye.....AGAIN!!!

OK so yesterday I was all happy that I was using my new HP Tablet. But later it blue screened and so again, it will be sent back to HP. I bought it on the 7th of Sept and haven't used it because it does not work. This will be the third time it will be sent back and they told our room mate that talked to them because I have to work and can't stay on the phone all day, that we have to send it back 4 times before they will run a diagnostic check on it. OK, but on the 2nd time they said they replaced the hard drive and it worked for about 3 hours before it blue screened this time..............................I have had it, and I bought a Unlimited Damage Coverage Policy so if I "accidentally spill a soda in it, I will receive a New Laptop. They are sending me a return box tomorrow. WOW!! I do not recommend HP Computers, not Tablet Laptops anyway. *sigh*

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A New Baby

This is finally in place so I can use it. It is an HP Tablet Laptop. I have had it for a few months and wasn't exactly thrilled with it from the beginning because I thought it was slow, so it sat. Today I had our room mate transfer everything from my Dell to this. And I must admit, it is working OK.
Wow! What a week I had....................I was instructing a corporate training class all week. 20 students and two other instructors to help out. Everyday from 8 to 5. Ugh! On Thursday I had an appt with my Ortho doc for my knee cause I haven't been able to walk good and having to stand up in front of a class all week was the final straw. So off I go, and leave my two colleagues in charge. First the Doc was 30 minutes behind and then 1 hour behind and by the time he saw me he was 1 1/2 hours behind. I wanted a shot in my knee so he said OK, but also I had to tell him that the end of my elbow would just kill me when I sat it down on a table or touched it with anything. He told me it was bursitis, and there is a sack of fluid at the tip that is inflamed, but it will go away, but not before I will wake up some morning with a golf ball size bump on it, and my arm would look like Popeye's arm. Just great. It is the right arm and the same one that has tennis elbow. I have actually been using my mouse for my computer with my left hand, cause of the pain. What next???
I have been working a little in my journal, but not enough to show yet. And next weekend iImay not post as I will be getting ready to fly to Elk Horn Iowa to our corp office to work for a week. But Friday the 10th, I will be driving to Kansas City,MO to see my son and his family for about 24 hours before I fly home on Easter. I have not seen them for almost 2 years, and the company is letting me fly home from a different airport and keep the rental car, so I am excited for sure. But again I will not have time to post next weekend, maybe. But the next time I do, I will have a pic of my son, DIL and my grandkids:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Newest Journal Page

Well, since it is the weekend, thought I would post my latest journal page that really isn't finished yet. The best part about this page is the sketch in the bottom right. That is what I call a "Napkin Sketch". When we go out on the weekend for breakfast at a fast food joint, I immediately grab a napkin and draw some kind of face or a naked tree or something. My friend Lotus, gets upset with me because I always either throw them away or leave them on the table for the next person to see that sits there. Anyway, I never keep them and this time I did. I think if you click on it, it will enlarge to see it better. I need to journal on the page.
I just found out today that I have a Flickr Acct that I didn't even know I had. As soon as i figure out how to gat back to it I will post the address so you can see.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Weekend Scores

OK I finally made it back to show you all of my weekend find from the Flea Market. The Bamboo Stationary Set has a tablet with very cool paper, a bunch of envelopes and some other paper and a pen that does not write and it came in a great paper box.
I received my Zentangle Kit to learn how to draw Zentangles. This pic is from the web site, go and find out about the fun. It came with pens and the zentangle papers and a mini DVD on how to create them. Love it.
Next is probably the best. I found this book at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento last weekend. It is called, Antique Packaging by Josep M Garrofe. It has dozens of photographs of old packaging from Pharmacy to Tobacco. The pic I posted is from the Office section. It is so cool. I can't stop looking at it. Great for scanning for my journal.
I also went to my Law of Attraction Group meeting today. It is so refreshing to be around folks that are positive. I am around such negative people everyday, it is a struggle to just maintain my sanity. We watched the DVD of The Secret. I have a copy and have watched it alone, but it was very cool to watch it with others who believe in the LOA and be able to discuss the video with them.
I went to a yard sale today and found some findings to make some cool jewerly or to add to my journal.
And last but not least, I saw on Barb's Craft Therapy blog how she wanted to give something back to the folks who follow her blog. I love her art and understand how she feels because she speaks of the pain she is in. So I posted a comment to be included in her give away and told her about the LOA and how she could go about bringing positves into her life for her health, etc. She posted to my blog that she has begun to use the LOA................And that's how it begins.
What a great POSITIVE weekend.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Will Be Back

Good morning, just a short post to tell you that I have not forgotten about this blog and my new friends, but like I said earlier, work takes up most of my life. I have a great new book to show ya and I got my Zentangle Kit to show also.
I will post them later this weekend. Off to the flea market to find treasures. Byeeeeeee

Sunday, March 8, 2009

OMG!! I Almost Forgot

When I got home I had to jump on and begin my Blog Stalking and found a blog comment on Teesha Moores blog from this blog that Debbie AKA The Governess was wanting to give free Stuff away. Well I went and commented and received a message back that she will check out my blog. YEA!!!!! Since I am just getting started in this world of art journals and such, I was excited again. Wow!! What a day! Hope yours was a happy as mine, and if not, tomorrow will be.

My Great Sunday Finds

Hi , I had a great day. When we got to Sacramento where the car swap was suppose to be, an ANTIQUE SHOW was there instead, much to my husband's disappointment. So he found out the swap meet was down the street in another parking lot and took off but left me right there where I wanted to be!!!! So I found some great stuff. Sorry the photos are not the best. The book on the left is a very large book of quotes, called The Tresure Chest. The other one is another large book called Year, Pictorial History of America. It begins with Chrisopher Columbus and ends with the fire at the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub in 1942. It has 2500 picturs and 200,000 words, so it says. I love American History. I only paid $3.00 for the first one and $5.00 for the other. WOW!! great fodder for journals.
The Chatalayne (?) with the old watches was being sold in two different places but the chatalayne was being sold by a lady from Modesto. She makes lots of jewerly from old watch parts and sells them in an Etsy shop called Grouse and Badger.
But the best get of the day was the ArtOMat score from the Crocker Art Museum. The Personal Passion Puppets. Mine is called Secrets, and the torso has a coffee cup with coffee as the tummy. Perfect for me.The box says Uncover your personal passions. The body parts are connected together with very thin wire. Simply wonderful. It was made by Martha Schermerhorn at 585-244-3786. I will be calling her up and thanking her personally soon.
I also found a big Peace Sign and a $10.00 and $50.00 bill from Venezuela, more great stuff for journaling and I don't think I spent more than $50.00 all day. Except I paid for lunch. But I was so happy I didn't care. And then I was told they have this antique show there the 2nd Sunday of every month. Gee it's only 85 miles away. Woo Hoo!!

My Win

This is not the best pic I can take, but I was in a hurry. So believe me I will repost soon. These are my altered clothes pins I won in a recent blog give away, thanx Aimee. Check out her blog
Today is Sunday and since we changed the time again, I actually got up at 3:30AM!! But I get up between 4:00 amd 4:30 everyday when I am working sooooo. But today has been planned for a few weeks and so I am up ready to go, but no one else is. That of course must change in a while. We are going to Sacramento to a car swap meet. What is so exciting you say??? Well first of all there is waaay cool junk to check out, among the rust and grease! I always find cool art stuff. But the big news is I am going to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento to buy art from the Art-O-Mat machine that is there. Happy dance......Oh you want to know what an ArtoMat is? First go to this site and check it out. But it is simply a genius idea of taking old cigerette vending machines and making them into art machines!!! The artists create great art the size of a pack of cigs and either put them into a cig size box or make the art onto a wood block the size of a cig pack, then they are wrapped in cellophane and put in the machines. You go visit a place that owns one of these, put in usually a $5.00 token, select your art you can see in the little windows, pull the handle, the art piece falls down and you now own an original piece of art. I have 4 pieces from a few years ago. So Cool. They call it "kerplunking" cause of the sound it makes when the art falls to the bottom of the machine. Please check them out. They are all over the US. You may have one near you. Funnest thing in the world.
Well, off to wake up my husband who had better be least about the swap meet.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun Vintage Board Game Book

Good Sunday Morning Folks,
I found this great little book at Barnes and Noble last night for $4.98. It is filled with the greatest colorful photos of vintage board games. I took some photos and wanted to show you. It is written by Nina Chertoff and Susan Khan.
This one is from an old Monopoly game. Look at the cool old playing pieces.
This is a cool Candyland game. Sorry about the flash. I am still learning all of this blog stuff which includes taking great pics W/O the flash. Anyway, I can see these pages getting cut up for collages in my journal.

I think this is an older version of Clue. This book is so full of color and some of the strangest games. They show some that were popular in the late 1880's. 144 pages of great eye candy. Yum!!

I had a crazy, crazy week at work this last week and did not even look at my journal at all, so I am going to try to work in it today after I figure out what is wrong with my Blackberry and why it won't accept my new password for my work email. UGH!! Besides it is raining and I am not wanting to venture out. And I am enjoying my new FASTER internet. WOW!!

Have a great Sunday!