Sunday, March 8, 2009

OMG!! I Almost Forgot

When I got home I had to jump on and begin my Blog Stalking and found a blog comment on Teesha Moores blog from this blog that Debbie AKA The Governess was wanting to give free Stuff away. Well I went and commented and received a message back that she will check out my blog. YEA!!!!! Since I am just getting started in this world of art journals and such, I was excited again. Wow!! What a day! Hope yours was a happy as mine, and if not, tomorrow will be.


Barbara said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for commenting about my art blocks. I'm happy to sell them to you. If you give me your email address, I can let you know about what I have available.

Barbara - I also have my art website:

Barbara said...

Almost forgot - email me at

The Governess said...

Hi Sharon - got your email thanks. Will be sending out the rules for the card exchange too.

Barbara said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for stopping in my blog: and commenting on my newest art blocks going to ArtOMat.

Right now, I do not think my blocks are vending in CA. I do have prints available which you can purchase directly from my blog using PayPal to process the payment. I print from a Epson Ultra Chrome, archival pigment ink printer. The quality is superior so the prints are great! If you're interested, just go ahead and make the purchase.

Thanks again for commenting on my blog.