Sunday, March 29, 2009

A New Baby

This is finally in place so I can use it. It is an HP Tablet Laptop. I have had it for a few months and wasn't exactly thrilled with it from the beginning because I thought it was slow, so it sat. Today I had our room mate transfer everything from my Dell to this. And I must admit, it is working OK.
Wow! What a week I had....................I was instructing a corporate training class all week. 20 students and two other instructors to help out. Everyday from 8 to 5. Ugh! On Thursday I had an appt with my Ortho doc for my knee cause I haven't been able to walk good and having to stand up in front of a class all week was the final straw. So off I go, and leave my two colleagues in charge. First the Doc was 30 minutes behind and then 1 hour behind and by the time he saw me he was 1 1/2 hours behind. I wanted a shot in my knee so he said OK, but also I had to tell him that the end of my elbow would just kill me when I sat it down on a table or touched it with anything. He told me it was bursitis, and there is a sack of fluid at the tip that is inflamed, but it will go away, but not before I will wake up some morning with a golf ball size bump on it, and my arm would look like Popeye's arm. Just great. It is the right arm and the same one that has tennis elbow. I have actually been using my mouse for my computer with my left hand, cause of the pain. What next???
I have been working a little in my journal, but not enough to show yet. And next weekend iImay not post as I will be getting ready to fly to Elk Horn Iowa to our corp office to work for a week. But Friday the 10th, I will be driving to Kansas City,MO to see my son and his family for about 24 hours before I fly home on Easter. I have not seen them for almost 2 years, and the company is letting me fly home from a different airport and keep the rental car, so I am excited for sure. But again I will not have time to post next weekend, maybe. But the next time I do, I will have a pic of my son, DIL and my grandkids:)

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Anonymous said...

That was a packed post! I hope the Elk Grove thing goes well, and that you get to spend good time with son and family. Take pictures! And take your journal bag! Have the family do something in your journal!
Take it easy