Monday, March 30, 2009

New Baby Go Bye Bye.....AGAIN!!!

OK so yesterday I was all happy that I was using my new HP Tablet. But later it blue screened and so again, it will be sent back to HP. I bought it on the 7th of Sept and haven't used it because it does not work. This will be the third time it will be sent back and they told our room mate that talked to them because I have to work and can't stay on the phone all day, that we have to send it back 4 times before they will run a diagnostic check on it. OK, but on the 2nd time they said they replaced the hard drive and it worked for about 3 hours before it blue screened this time..............................I have had it, and I bought a Unlimited Damage Coverage Policy so if I "accidentally spill a soda in it, I will receive a New Laptop. They are sending me a return box tomorrow. WOW!! I do not recommend HP Computers, not Tablet Laptops anyway. *sigh*


~Barb~ said...

OMG! I'd be so pissed. Geez!!! Now I am really glad that I bought Dell. Ugh, what a pain.
Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥

The Governess said...

Done any Zentangles yet Sharon?? Would love to see them! Btw, check your "IN BOX" (Email). I've sent you your freebies.