Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Great Sunday Finds

Hi , I had a great day. When we got to Sacramento where the car swap was suppose to be, an ANTIQUE SHOW was there instead, much to my husband's disappointment. So he found out the swap meet was down the street in another parking lot and took off but left me right there where I wanted to be!!!! So I found some great stuff. Sorry the photos are not the best. The book on the left is a very large book of quotes, called The Tresure Chest. The other one is another large book called Year, Pictorial History of America. It begins with Chrisopher Columbus and ends with the fire at the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub in 1942. It has 2500 picturs and 200,000 words, so it says. I love American History. I only paid $3.00 for the first one and $5.00 for the other. WOW!! great fodder for journals.
The Chatalayne (?) with the old watches was being sold in two different places but the chatalayne was being sold by a lady from Modesto. She makes lots of jewerly from old watch parts and sells them in an Etsy shop called Grouse and Badger.
But the best get of the day was the ArtOMat score from the Crocker Art Museum. The Personal Passion Puppets. Mine is called Secrets, and the torso has a coffee cup with coffee as the tummy. Perfect for me.The box says Uncover your personal passions. The body parts are connected together with very thin wire. Simply wonderful. It was made by Martha Schermerhorn at 585-244-3786. I will be calling her up and thanking her personally soon.
I also found a big Peace Sign and a $10.00 and $50.00 bill from Venezuela, more great stuff for journaling and I don't think I spent more than $50.00 all day. Except I paid for lunch. But I was so happy I didn't care. And then I was told they have this antique show there the 2nd Sunday of every month. Gee it's only 85 miles away. Woo Hoo!!

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Anonymous said...

hey cb! great finds! i'm glad 1 of us had an awesome day... lol! no worries