Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy Making Art

Ok, so the last week I have been working at my art like 0 to 100 in 8 seconds flat!! As I reported last post I took Kelly Kilmer's class, that was last weekend and then yesterday, I drove to Folsom to visit with my friend, Cheryl. OMG!! This girl has BOXES, yes boxes of journals that she has created over the years. WOW!! I was so inspired by her creativity, and she has a very cool apartment that is so quiet, it is a great place to create. We traded art stuff, had lunch, went art supply shopping, just had a great day.
This morning, my friend Lotus came over and we experimented with spray paint and stencils as you can see from the photos. Ton's of layers of paint. Now I have to get it off of my hands and fingers so I will look all professional tomorrow when I begin teaching a new class of drivers for Truckee. Oh well, reality has to set in sometime, sigh....................
Hope you were able to get in some creativity this holiday weekend.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kelly Kilmer Class

My Kelly Kilmer class this last weekend was so much fun. I got to meet new arsty folks, make 2 cool journals and learn TAPE & PEN techniques. I had a great time. Kelly herself is sooo patient and such a great teacher, she made it easy to relax and learn. We were at an artists' home and what a place it was. Maria had the coolest art stuff everywhere. Her whole diningroom is her art room. I must admit I was just a tad jealous. But she is the bestest person in the world and deserves everything she can get!! See that blue cabinet in one of the photos? I want that so bad!!! I think I even tried to buy it from her, HA! The dancer was hanging right above my head, and I do believe brought me luck!!
I will definately take another class from Kelly someday. I am now trying to figure out how I can get her to Modesto someday to teach.
I will post pics of my pages over the weekend, along with showing you the $50.00 worth of tape and things I bought from Michael's today!! I already had alot of tape but now I am really addicted!! Thanx, Kelly!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Night From..........You Know

I will get to this pic in a minute but first this........ Well after the snow was gone, I thought things would get better, but no, this is ME we are talking about!

Last night was not a good night. First, I was on the weather channel again watching more tornados zipping across the mid states and worrying about my kids. And of course at the same time on the computer where I live, only I travel with 2 computers, one for work and my own. So I am watching TV, blog stalking, taking calls for the driving jobs I am trying to fill and what happens?!? My lens falls out of my glasses and hits the carpet. No it didn't break. I am just ready to scream, cause I am very blind without my specs!! So I got the lens and got it back in the frame and held it there so I could see a little to try to find the screw. Of course not!! So I didn't know what to do, and I am 200 miles from my husband to help me, so I did the next best thing, I called the front desk and this kid comes to my room and actually crawled around on the floor for 10 minutes looking for the screw. No chance. So I thought that possibly I had an old pair in the car and believe it or not, I did in the glovebox. Thank God!! How they got in there is beyond me, but who cares. So the kid tells me he is going on break and will go buy me an eyeglass kit and try to fix my glasses, but I said I would go cause now I can see again. So I drive to CVS and go to where the sunglasses racks are and it is next to hunting and fishing stuff, and now to the pic, I found camo cloth tape hanging next to the eye glasses kits!!!!!! OMG!! I was in total shock cause I love to have tape for journals. What a score, and coincidence. The cashier asked if I was going to tape my glasses together with the camo tape, very funny, buy after I found that tape, I was in a better mood. So back to the hotel, but I could not fix my glasses. Oh well. So since I had the tape and I had made a couple of journal collage pages in my little journal I decided to take a pic for you to see.

My life is never dull!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is Not Funny!!

And it was way worse this morning. I am glad to have a job but I don't have to like all of the stuff that goes with it. I don't do snow and ice, cause I don't have the clothes, (I left my heavy coat at home), or the shoes. I am not steady on my feet so that is even more dangerous. But it is gone now and the rest of the week looks good. So I will survive. I just needed a small venting session. Ahhh I feel better.
I made a collage journal page a while ago. One of the good things about my position, is I get a great big desk in my hotel rooms so it gives me plenty of space to journal. I am trying to do collages like Kelly Kilmer. It is fun, and as she says, it is like painting with paper. Can't wait to take her class in a couple of weeks.
I had a hard night last night watching the weather channel about all of the tornados in Oklahoma cause they were headed toward Missouri where my son lives. But they didn't get hit. Thank God!!
Well off to bed so I can do that work thing tomorrow.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back to the High Country

Hey all, just a note to let you know that I am going back to Truckee CA to begin recruiting for drivers again, like I did last winter. When I left in mid December, there were 8 drivers and at the beginning of April when the season ended there were only 2 left, and by contract there must be 5, soooooo............................back I go and yes, tomorrow it is going to snow, of course!!! I can't win when I have to deal with anything up there. UGH!!!

Anyway I am taking my journal and so in the evenings maybe I can work in it some, I hope. I am gearing up for 4 Kelly Kilmer classes in a couple of weeks in Fremont! I can't wait. This time last year I went to Teesha Moore's Journal class in San Jose. Maybe I am getting into a routine of taking a class each year.

The scrapbook store I go to in Elk Grove host's a Tim Holtz class each year and I believe it is around the corner, real soon. Maybe!!!!!

Hope all of the Mom's out there in bloglanding had a great relaxing day.

Till next time..........................

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Finds

Hi folks, this weekend was simply beautiful here in Northern California, so I was out and about early Saturday on the yard sale trail. I found the biggest yard sale with 100 participants at a local High School, I thought I had died and gone to yard sale heaven.

Since I don't know in what order my pics will be when I finish this I will just say, one of the pics has a very old stencil cutter (notice the price) with my new Rapido Pen ( thanx Michael's coupon) and new Tim Holtz trinkets, yum.

The other pic comes from finding out that aaron brothers frame shop has begun carrying mixed media supplies, and I bought 2 packages of 7 Gypsies paper tape and some great stencils. I want to begin some spray painting over stencils for background pages. They had alot of Tim Holtz stuff and the lady that waited on me wasn't exactly sure about all of it. But they had an ATC display also, so I explained it to her and she said, "Ohhh, ok." Anyway, the best part is I won't have to drive 60 miles to a store to see this type of supplies any longer. Yippee!!

Now for just a little drama, I have been going to the Dr lately because of my back spasms and they did the usual blood work, etc. So after all tests were complete, the final realization is I am WAY overweight and have to begin to lose immediately. So no sugar nor carbs of any kind. I have even quit drinking Diet Pepsi, and I know there is no sugar, but I have to drink water and the Pepsi keeps me from it, so now I am Aqua Woman! The Doc gave me 3 months to get some weight off and get the cholesterol, BP and sugar levels down or I will have to go on drugs. I take enough already so no thanx. When he told me I could have only carbs that came from the ground, I joked and said Oh I can have potatoes.............He was not amused!!
So on & on, it's Monday and I must get to work. Have a great week!!