Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back to the High Country

Hey all, just a note to let you know that I am going back to Truckee CA to begin recruiting for drivers again, like I did last winter. When I left in mid December, there were 8 drivers and at the beginning of April when the season ended there were only 2 left, and by contract there must be 5, soooooo............................back I go and yes, tomorrow it is going to snow, of course!!! I can't win when I have to deal with anything up there. UGH!!!

Anyway I am taking my journal and so in the evenings maybe I can work in it some, I hope. I am gearing up for 4 Kelly Kilmer classes in a couple of weeks in Fremont! I can't wait. This time last year I went to Teesha Moore's Journal class in San Jose. Maybe I am getting into a routine of taking a class each year.

The scrapbook store I go to in Elk Grove host's a Tim Holtz class each year and I believe it is around the corner, real soon. Maybe!!!!!

Hope all of the Mom's out there in bloglanding had a great relaxing day.

Till next time..........................

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Lotus said...

Hey CB!
Sorry to hear you have to go back to Truckee for sure... but, make the best of it by journaling!

I hope you had a good time for Mom's day. I had a good day myself. The day was pretty easy at work. And, Danny took two of my monsters to the Bay with him (the third never came home).

Talk to you soon