Thursday, May 13, 2010

Night From..........You Know

I will get to this pic in a minute but first this........ Well after the snow was gone, I thought things would get better, but no, this is ME we are talking about!

Last night was not a good night. First, I was on the weather channel again watching more tornados zipping across the mid states and worrying about my kids. And of course at the same time on the computer where I live, only I travel with 2 computers, one for work and my own. So I am watching TV, blog stalking, taking calls for the driving jobs I am trying to fill and what happens?!? My lens falls out of my glasses and hits the carpet. No it didn't break. I am just ready to scream, cause I am very blind without my specs!! So I got the lens and got it back in the frame and held it there so I could see a little to try to find the screw. Of course not!! So I didn't know what to do, and I am 200 miles from my husband to help me, so I did the next best thing, I called the front desk and this kid comes to my room and actually crawled around on the floor for 10 minutes looking for the screw. No chance. So I thought that possibly I had an old pair in the car and believe it or not, I did in the glovebox. Thank God!! How they got in there is beyond me, but who cares. So the kid tells me he is going on break and will go buy me an eyeglass kit and try to fix my glasses, but I said I would go cause now I can see again. So I drive to CVS and go to where the sunglasses racks are and it is next to hunting and fishing stuff, and now to the pic, I found camo cloth tape hanging next to the eye glasses kits!!!!!! OMG!! I was in total shock cause I love to have tape for journals. What a score, and coincidence. The cashier asked if I was going to tape my glasses together with the camo tape, very funny, buy after I found that tape, I was in a better mood. So back to the hotel, but I could not fix my glasses. Oh well. So since I had the tape and I had made a couple of journal collage pages in my little journal I decided to take a pic for you to see.

My life is never dull!!


Lotus said...

Yes, your life is never boring CB! Sorry to hear about your glasses, but what an awesome stroke of luck to have the spare in the car!
Love the camo tape!!! And you did a great spread in your journal. Keep up the great work and I'll talk to you later. It's late n I need to go to bed....

Cheryl said...

You have the best luck when it comes to art finds. Can hardly wait for you to get back.