Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Finds

Hi folks, this weekend was simply beautiful here in Northern California, so I was out and about early Saturday on the yard sale trail. I found the biggest yard sale with 100 participants at a local High School, I thought I had died and gone to yard sale heaven.

Since I don't know in what order my pics will be when I finish this I will just say, one of the pics has a very old stencil cutter (notice the price) with my new Rapido Pen ( thanx Michael's coupon) and new Tim Holtz trinkets, yum.

The other pic comes from finding out that aaron brothers frame shop has begun carrying mixed media supplies, and I bought 2 packages of 7 Gypsies paper tape and some great stencils. I want to begin some spray painting over stencils for background pages. They had alot of Tim Holtz stuff and the lady that waited on me wasn't exactly sure about all of it. But they had an ATC display also, so I explained it to her and she said, "Ohhh, ok." Anyway, the best part is I won't have to drive 60 miles to a store to see this type of supplies any longer. Yippee!!

Now for just a little drama, I have been going to the Dr lately because of my back spasms and they did the usual blood work, etc. So after all tests were complete, the final realization is I am WAY overweight and have to begin to lose immediately. So no sugar nor carbs of any kind. I have even quit drinking Diet Pepsi, and I know there is no sugar, but I have to drink water and the Pepsi keeps me from it, so now I am Aqua Woman! The Doc gave me 3 months to get some weight off and get the cholesterol, BP and sugar levels down or I will have to go on drugs. I take enough already so no thanx. When he told me I could have only carbs that came from the ground, I joked and said Oh I can have potatoes.............He was not amused!!
So on & on, it's Monday and I must get to work. Have a great week!!


~Barb~ said...

Great minds think alike...I just got through cutting 5 stencils (but I used the fine tip on my soldering/woodburning iron to do mine. LOL)

What awesome finds, chica! Love the 7 Gypsies tape...gotta get some of that soon. ;)

Yes, you MUST take care of yourself. If you don't, you'll be like me and taking 32 (yes, 32) pills a day and feeling like crap all the time. Be good to yourself, ya hear me? *hugs*

Peace & Love,

Lotus said...

Join the club lady... we knew we'd have to face the dreaded "D" word sometime soon... That's good that you're gonna cut the Diet Pepsi for awhile. I know what you mean about replacing water with it. I think that's why I quit drinking anything but water, tea and coffee...

Love your new goodies! Go out and do some painting! And don't forget about May 15th!