Friday, April 23, 2010

The Cleaner Studio AKA Sorta

Well here we go, I am not sure what order these will end up in, but I will try to explain. The first pic is a book case with a bunch of my Monster friends siting all over it. At the top in the center is a collage art piece fron Journal Girl Kira. In the middle is an original journal page from Suzan Buckner.

The next pic on the right is a shot of a work area next to my computer, notice at the back of the table is a small bookcase laying on it's side for tall storage.

Next pic is a shot of my art table, with the black oven liner on it so I can use the heat gun without catching things on fire. And it has sitting on it my new invention. If you have ever watched Divine Design with Candace Olsen on HGTV, after she is done figuring out how she is going to design a room, she puts all of the elements in a basket and shows you. Well, that white basket is now where I will place items for a journal page I am working on. Right now it has 2 pieces of paper, some bird stickers a small pice of fabric and a few more things. Kind of a cool idea and I am trying to become more organized in my art journaling.

The next couple of photos are just a mess in bookcases, that I am trying to organize. Well I am off of here cause my internet connection is trying to go out. Have a great weekend.


Sharon said...

Hi folks, Yes Flickr screwed up my photos order so thought I woould just comment the order to you. First pic is now the computer desk. 2nd is the bookcase with the monsters. 3rd is just 2 messy bookcases, 4th is my art table pic and the last one is another 2 bookcases very messy. Thanx for visiting.

Cheryl said...

Hi Doll, Let me warn you about the cute little white basket on your desk. It will fill up real quick so you'll get a bigger basket. Four boxes later...

Sharon said...

Oh Cheryl, don't I understand that. Really take a look at all of the crap in here that I actually showed in those photos. WOW!!

Lotus said...

I love going in your art room! It's very inspirational to see all the stuff. The basket is a great idea, but I'm with Cheryl... it won't last long.... ; )
Take it easy

Sarah Whitmire said...

Hi Sharon,
It was so much fun seeing your studio space! You have a lot of books like I do... Wish I could come over and play! :)