Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Weekend Journal

OK so I have now totally lost my mind and actually
created another journal, this time out of a small cigar box of cigar box postcards. I made it the same as the other one, but now I need to figure out if I want to use it as a portrait or landscape journal.

The pages are torn from a large sheet of Arches 140 lb Hot Press paper. This one will only be used for doodling, I think. I got the idea from Tracy Moore's journal made from a playing card box. That will be the next one I try to make. I am having fun!! And someday I will figure out to use Blogger right so my posts don't look wonky!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Collage Journal, Continued.....

OK so here I am with my finished journal!!! I can't believe I actually

worked on journaling, two weekends in a row. Yeaaa Me!!! Painted some pages as you can see and worked hard to get it covered. It was a very cool project. I used YES Paste to put the paper on for the cover, something I have always had, but never used. WOW!! Great stuff, and worked great in conjunction with an old Safeway card. I was so excited I went straight out and bought me a gift............A new IPod Touch!! (Pictures next weekend). I have always wanted one and so I did it. And got it for $20.00 off at Fry's Electronics in Sacramento!
And now I am off to work, (real) even tho it's Sunday, duty calls at another computer. Til the next time, when I hope I can show you what I have journaled in my new, I made it myself journal!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Actually Made a Journal!!! OMG!!!

Hey folks, thought you would like to see what I did yesterday. My friend Lotus, came over and helped me make this Collage Journal that I learned from taking Julie Prichard's Super Nova Journal Class over at her blog, The Land of Lost Luggage. I actually did it. I have to put a cover on it but that's ok.

And then paint over the collage pages and then actually journal on them. Julie says she sells these for $45.00! Wow. I won't be selling it but I am going to journal in it.
In the second pic, see me in my "Timmy" apron. This was just alot of fun. We used SUPER sticky painting masking tape to put the pages together, cause we did not have anything else. But it will work for a prototype.
I am trying to work on a cover now.
Anyway, just had to show you that I really did work on journaling this weekend!!!