Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Collage Journal, Continued.....

OK so here I am with my finished journal!!! I can't believe I actually

worked on journaling, two weekends in a row. Yeaaa Me!!! Painted some pages as you can see and worked hard to get it covered. It was a very cool project. I used YES Paste to put the paper on for the cover, something I have always had, but never used. WOW!! Great stuff, and worked great in conjunction with an old Safeway card. I was so excited I went straight out and bought me a gift............A new IPod Touch!! (Pictures next weekend). I have always wanted one and so I did it. And got it for $20.00 off at Fry's Electronics in Sacramento!
And now I am off to work, (real) even tho it's Sunday, duty calls at another computer. Til the next time, when I hope I can show you what I have journaled in my new, I made it myself journal!!!!

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