Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Actually Made a Journal!!! OMG!!!

Hey folks, thought you would like to see what I did yesterday. My friend Lotus, came over and helped me make this Collage Journal that I learned from taking Julie Prichard's Super Nova Journal Class over at her blog, The Land of Lost Luggage. I actually did it. I have to put a cover on it but that's ok.

And then paint over the collage pages and then actually journal on them. Julie says she sells these for $45.00! Wow. I won't be selling it but I am going to journal in it.
In the second pic, see me in my "Timmy" apron. This was just alot of fun. We used SUPER sticky painting masking tape to put the pages together, cause we did not have anything else. But it will work for a prototype.
I am trying to work on a cover now.
Anyway, just had to show you that I really did work on journaling this weekend!!!

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