Saturday, July 11, 2009

Daddy's 91st

Well another year and another BD for my Dad. 91 years old. WOW!! See the $$ he is holding? 91 one dollar bills this year, for slots of course.
If you look back a few posts, you will see his 90th BD pics, and the difference in how he looks from last year to this one, quite a bit more aged, woulld be better if his hair was combed, HA! The guy with him is my brother from DC.
Well, I am a traveling Area Safety Director now. My new job began July 1st and I have been a few places in just 2 weeks and Monday I am headed for Anaheim for a start up for Disneyland Hotel Shuttles, till the end of the month. Should not be boring, as start ups are always nuts. Usually too many chiefs and not enough indians;-). So now I have tomorrow to get ready to be away from home for at least 3 weeks. I will need two suitcases. At least I am driving because it is only 5 hours, so I can take alot of stuff. Room must be either on the ground floor or they must have elevators, HA!
I am taking my journal and will try to get in some journaling, I hope. I will post some pics of it soon. Will be back later, and don't forget me, please. I am still blog stalking, believe me. That is what keeps me sane.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Work Cuts Into my Playtime

Hey folks, I am still here, but the new job has knocked the wind out of my sails and I haven't been posting much. I will be at home for a few days gearing up for my Dad's 91st BD this weekend, so I will post some pics and some more great things that have been going on. I just wanted to holla and let ya know I'm still here and going strong. Have a great week.