Saturday, July 11, 2009

Daddy's 91st

Well another year and another BD for my Dad. 91 years old. WOW!! See the $$ he is holding? 91 one dollar bills this year, for slots of course.
If you look back a few posts, you will see his 90th BD pics, and the difference in how he looks from last year to this one, quite a bit more aged, woulld be better if his hair was combed, HA! The guy with him is my brother from DC.
Well, I am a traveling Area Safety Director now. My new job began July 1st and I have been a few places in just 2 weeks and Monday I am headed for Anaheim for a start up for Disneyland Hotel Shuttles, till the end of the month. Should not be boring, as start ups are always nuts. Usually too many chiefs and not enough indians;-). So now I have tomorrow to get ready to be away from home for at least 3 weeks. I will need two suitcases. At least I am driving because it is only 5 hours, so I can take alot of stuff. Room must be either on the ground floor or they must have elevators, HA!
I am taking my journal and will try to get in some journaling, I hope. I will post some pics of it soon. Will be back later, and don't forget me, please. I am still blog stalking, believe me. That is what keeps me sane.


Anonymous said...

Hey CB!
Dad looks fantastic! I hope you had a great day that day. 3 weeks on the road huh? wow... You weren't kidding when you said you'd be doing some travelling... lol Make sure to keep receipts and find plenty of ephemera (brochures, napkins, etc.) to add to your journal. BTW, how many journal bags are you taking? LOL!!!

Chris said...

Congrats to dad! Wow. This is touching.

It's fun to travel with a travel journal. It's like having a friend with you. I hope you get some quiet time to indulge!

Be safe.

Sharon said...

Hey Lotus, I brought my new journal bag I got at Gottschalks. It is huge!! I brought the watercolor box you told me about, and alot of pens and tons of collage fodder. Now i have to find time to journal:-)