Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Art Shopping Day

Hey folks,

This weekend is NOT the weekend I am suppose to art supply shop, but when you are in the zone and the best stuff jumps out at you, how can you not take advantage? Somebody please tell me how to resist.

Yes I need help.

Back in the day, many many years ago, I quit 2 bad habits, smoking cigarettes (17 years ago) and drinking alcohol (27 years ago). I am very proud of me for doing that, BUT I cannot quit eating bad, and I desparately need to, and I can't stop buying art supplies. I am in trouble.

Well until I figure it out, might as well show ya's what jumped on me and stuck today.

I had some coupon's for Aaron Brother's and so I had to go check on their stuff's. They were having a huge 50% off of a lot of stuff also, plus I has coupons. They have received a bunch of new stuff since I had been there so I could not resist. Told ya!

They had Dyan Reaveley stamps. OMG! I got the house one because I want to use the houses to make dresses for girls. Tomorrow I will go back and get another set with another 50% off. Also got 2 wide copic markers. I have never even seen those in a store. And I got some new Gelatos and a pack of Brush Tip Sharpies. Cool.
But the best was found at Hobby Lobby. Derwent Artbars. Yum Yum! 12 were $24.99 and of course I had a 40% off, so sweeet, I scored BIG TIME! I never even thought they would make it to the US, let alone in Modesto!

Last night I went to Barnes & Noble to look again, for the new Law of Attraction magazine which of course was not there, but this was! I grabbed it very fast. And as always I had a 20% off and my member 10% off for a total of 30% off this $14.99 magazine. Yep I was stocked.

So there ya have it. My tale of woe. But I am off for the weekend and don't really have to think too much about work until Tuesday when I have to go do another audit. Ugh!

Have a great weekend, and please take a moment to think about the men and women who have gave all and what this Monday really means. They gave their lives for us so we could be free and live safe everyday in the US.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The First Un-Busy Weekend

Hey folks,
Just as the title of this post says, this is an un busy weekend. I did some stuff today that I had to put off because of all of the other busy weekend's lately but today I got caught up.

I have some cool things to show ya's:

First, is this cool Eagle Creek Half Tube Cube, recommended by Kelly Kilmer, (because she recommends Eagle Creek) that I bought while waiting for my car to get serviced and washed. It is perfect for carrying rolls of TAPE in my journal bag. There is a luggage store inside the car wash that sells cool bags. Nice.

I have been accumulating more and more Stamp Markers from American Crafts to go with my Tim Holtz Distress Markers. They live nice together. Love these for stamping. Huffing is back! LOL

New Books!! YAY! The top one is by Linda and Opie O'Brien. It is about creating very cool dolls from old rusted tobacco tins to old metal car parts. I love this kind of stuff and this book makes you drool. WOW! I never grow tired of staring at these beautiful works of art.

The next book is fantastic. It is a book of Art Journal pages that Orly Avineri created and put them into book form. It is not a how to book. It is like looking through her journals personally. Please go to Orly's Blog and check it out, and if you would like a copy for yourself and you should, please buy it from her blog as Orly will get more money for the sale as opposed to Amazon where she will get a very very small amount. You will not be disappointed. And when you go to Kelly's blog you will also see a great review about this book.

This is the fiction that I am reading now. I picked this up because of the drawing on the front and back cover. Very cool sketching. This is not a very good pic, sorry. This has a very unusual creepy story line. Right up my alley.

I have actually been working in my journal some. Actually not really anything new, but adding things to some of the spray ink back grounds I didn't like. I found these cool die cuts, and have been adding them over the top of pages I was not happy with.

This is a doodle page I have been messing around with, using the Stamp Markers. Love those pens. Yum!

Mary Ann Moss is up to something sneaky petey on her blog. I believe she has created some really cool labels that she wants to share with us for our journals. I am sure they won't be free, but anything Mary Ann offers, I will be there in line to grab. Please check it out. And if you don't know who Mary Ann  Moss is, shame on you. It is time for you to make your aquaintance's.

Hope you have an arty weekend. I am!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Short Quicky Post

It was another nutty wek last week and the only good thing that came out of it was I got to spend most of  Friday with my friend Beth. We had a good day. Did I tell you that this girl is very very talented?? Well yep she is. I love her journal style.

My Roku missed me while gone. Poor thing. I did try to watch some old Netflix Dark Shadows TV shows while gone on my laptop, but the Hotel I was at had sucked internet!! I now have an intimate relationship with the IT folks for LaQuinta. Ugh!

I did have one bright part of my week, when I found a Office Supply Paper Store next to where I was working and I got a ream of Kelly Kilmer's favorite cardstock that they just discontinued. Wassau Exact Index 140 lb Cardstock. I took this pic to show Kelly that it was bought at HER store.

I am all but numb from exhaustion, with the day job and a crazy run around all weekend. But wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to my friends.

Have a great week, folks.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Couple of Things

Hey folks.

The image below is how I felt on Friday after work. Credit goes to someone's blog, or facebook where I found this and said, yep that is me this week. So apologies if you come here and read this.

Not much left of me after last week. This next week does not look any more promising either. And because of the work I am involved in, I had to cancel my very yukky appt I had scheduled for tomorrow with the gastro folks. Which means if I was going to be doing that tomorrow, I would not be sitting on this chair today. Get it?? Yikes! I really wanted to get that over with, but I must schedule it when I will have an easy start to a week and not have to drive a zillion miles the day after that procedure.

I found some new markers from American Crafts called Stamp Markers. They look and act just like Tim Holtz Distress Markers. Got them at Mike's.

Then I conducted a little "Hot Breath" test. I colored on the stamp with 2 or 3 different colors and then gave them one hot breath to put some moisture on it and stamped it. The top image is the Stamp Markers and the bottom image is the Distress Markers. Pretty close to the real deal. They come in packs of 5 markers for $11.99 compared to Tim's which comes in packs of 5 for $14.99. Pretty and cool.

I am now also broke, as I had to pay out my entire check for so much. I am having to go into my savings again! Yikes! I so hate to have to do that. But I guess it is better to be broke for a month and have everything paid up than to be overdue on stuff. But it is so said that I have to keep digging into the only extra I have each month to make it. Holy Cow, what would I do if I didn't have a fricking job?!! I certainly feel for my friends that do not work.

And I got a Roku. This is the TV hook up that runs from your wireless internet. I bought a subscription to Netflix and have been watching cool stuffs like the original Dark Shadows Soap Opera!! Awesome! I use to run home from Jr High every day to watch it. Oops, just told you how old I am. Oh well..............

Ok I am out.