Sunday, May 13, 2012

Short Quicky Post

It was another nutty wek last week and the only good thing that came out of it was I got to spend most of  Friday with my friend Beth. We had a good day. Did I tell you that this girl is very very talented?? Well yep she is. I love her journal style.

My Roku missed me while gone. Poor thing. I did try to watch some old Netflix Dark Shadows TV shows while gone on my laptop, but the Hotel I was at had sucked internet!! I now have an intimate relationship with the IT folks for LaQuinta. Ugh!

I did have one bright part of my week, when I found a Office Supply Paper Store next to where I was working and I got a ream of Kelly Kilmer's favorite cardstock that they just discontinued. Wassau Exact Index 140 lb Cardstock. I took this pic to show Kelly that it was bought at HER store.

I am all but numb from exhaustion, with the day job and a crazy run around all weekend. But wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to my friends.

Have a great week, folks.


Cheryl said...

Happy Mother's Day to you. Did you buy out the store of Kelly's paper?

Kelly Kilmer said...

Ha! If it was MY store, they'd pick up the Neenah line of 140 exact index without an argument! Goobers! 100 and 140 are not the same thing!

Here's to a better week!

Happy Mother's Day, my friend!