Sunday, January 29, 2012

Joy Is........Learning New Things

"My name is Sharon and I am an Internet, Pen and Pen Storage Junkie."

This is where I am or have been this week.

I am learning Pinterest. And I must say I am not addicted to it yet, but I am addicted to learning how to use it. So if that makes me addicted, well OK, there ya go!

I AM also addicted to mark making tools, as most of you know. My art friend Beth is addicted also as this shot shows, that I took at our meet up this week. Great minds think alike:

And that takes us to the new 100 Pen Case I bought and received this week. First empty:
This one shows the pen flap closed.

This one shows the pen flap open.

Here it is with my Inktense Pencils on the lid loops and my Copic Multi Liners on the flap.

Here it shows the flap back and the inside filled with mark making goodness! And it will hold more.

And here is a shot of the case that I keep my very special pens in, as in fountain pens.

And the best part is, it came with this guy hanging on a key chain, attached to the case, with the attitude:

His name is Daniel.

How appropriate!

I have also been conducting a Study of Doodles, as you can see here:

I also found this book at B & N in the Close Out after Xmas sale bins for 2 Bux!!

Too Cool, since I adore Sherlock! And who cares if it is a new write? I certainly don't. Did I tell you I recently read one with him and Watson fighting the monsters from The War of the Worlds? Love SH!
I was given the new Stephen King Book, 11-22-63, for Xmas, but have not picked it up yet with trying to keep up with my LOA studies and reading The Hunger Games and now a new SH. I will, soon, but it might take me awhile. It is 4" thick!! Wowsers!

Oh and have ya been keeping up with all of the new Tim Holtz stuff that will be coming out of CHA this week?? Go check out his blog!


I am off to the ocean next week to conduct an audit and meet a new artist that had an art piece in the last Cloth, Paper, Scissors. She lives in Morro Bay and yea I stalked her in Gooogle after I saw her piece and it said she was from Morro Bay. We are meeting up on Tuesday afternoon with the GM of our office who wants to get into AJ! I have been slowly working on her over the years, and I may have now got her hooked after I show her my journals and we met up with Linda Ortiz. YAY!

Have a great week. Oh and go check out Ginny's new store.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Joy Is........Fun Storming

Fun Storming: "A gathering together of arty folks to share their wisdom" Author unknown. If you know who said this, please let me know in the comments so I can credit it back to them. Cause, honestly, I know it came from somewhere on the net and I wrote it down, but neglected to put in the name of the writer.

Another week gone! Only 9 more days of January left! Whew!

Anyway, not much to report this week, except I counted and catorized my Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books that I have been gathering since I was a kid before I had a kid. Drum Roll......100 Nancy Drew's and 78 Hardy Boys. Both ND and HB range from very old (1927) to newest (1992). I have quite a few doubles, triples and quadruples. I am missing 11 of each for complete sets. My friend Beth also has Nancy Drew's and Hardy Boys and she has been doing the same thing. Hopefully she has doubles of my missing one's and the same for her from me. We will try trading them up someday. Cool! Makes me want to read them again and makes me feel like a kid again. *Smile*. Here is a couple of pics of the shelves where they live with all of their other buddy's:

I have a Fuji Instant Camera that takes baby poloroid type pics that I have not used in a very long time. So this week when I discovered that my fancy HTC Thunderbolt Android Cell Phone won't pair with my PoGo Printer, of course, I decided to get out the Fuji camera again and use it again. Here is a pic of the camera and a pic of a pic that it takes. The pic of the pic is laying on a StazOn ink pad to give you an idea on the size:

And here is the bag it came with:

It is a Orange Pink color and the material is like Indoor-Outdoor Carpet only softer! Gross!

I have been working in my Journal more this past week, so I have a ton of pics to show of what I have been working on:

Some of these are finished kinda and a few are not, but on the way. And speakng of journal pages and arty endeavors, I found another cool art journal artist on You Tube through Less at ComfortableShoesStudio . This guy is great. Check him out.

And that is about it for this week. At least I got some art in for a change

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Name is Sharon and I Am Addicted to Art Journaling

OK, I can't help it, and I admit I have a disease. But enough of that!

This was a great week. I met up with a new art friend, Beth, who lives about 85 miles from me and in a straight line between me and my divisions down south of here in Visalia. We met at a Starbux on Thursday afternoon and 3 hours later we had decided that we follow the same folks on line, and we both like freaky stuff and we both love, pens, tape, stencils, books and cool containers for our art supplies we must have for traveling. YAY!! Beth is a very talented art journaler. Cool!! I have a new art friend, and I didn't even have to really stalk her, well I sorta did. That is another disease of mine.

Yesterday was my parents 45 year wedding anniversary and so I took them to a casino that is close by. We came away quite a bit lighter in the pockets. But it was good to get away to do something else. But next time I must win! That is also a disease of mine.

I have been writing and drawing this week with my new Fountain Pen that Less at Comfortable Shoes Studio sent me. Wow, this is so much fun. It writes so smooth. Wheee, I am in love. I am going to buy more pens and start drawing with them in my journal.

Today I went to Eva's and helped her create a single signature journal. Wow!! I actually helped someone make a journal. It was fun and I almost learned how to use an ATG, Automatic Tape Gun. Almost. Too big for me. I will stick to the small tape runners.

My friend Cheryl, had a photo of her's published in her home town magazine recently and she also has a painting on display in an art Gallery in Bellingham, Washington.

Cheryl's painting is above her on the left. Look at her smiling BIG just like a proud Mom. Go Cheryl! I know famous folk. Cool!

Since I now have a passion for wrting with a Fountain Pen, I have decided that I want to learn to write antique, which means, the way folks used to write about 100 years ago, all swirly and fancy. I am going to start practicing writing antique-e, pronounced like, tiki.

So, I do believe this will end the story for this time. Hope everyone has a great next week. Until you wander this way again............Adios

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Writing On The Wall

This is my part for Cheryl's Writing on the Wall this week. This is my 2012 Vision Board that is on my wall in my Craft Cave. It is next to me so I can stare at it while singing crazeee songs in my head about new cars and $$$ heading my way.

See that Million Dollar Bill on top? Yep that is where I am headed in 2012. I will be a millionaire this year. Woot!

Please go to Cheryl's Blog and check out her WOTW for this week.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Joy Is.........Entering the Positive Zone

Hi folks, Do I need to say more? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well.....?

I struggle to stay positive at all times. And when I say struggle, I mean STRUGGLE! I am loving my new happy abundant life, but I am around too many negative vibes all of the time. But, I can't dwell on that negative force here.

Yesterday I went to Niles, up by Fremont to take a Zentangle class. I had a blast! Here are the two tiles we did, but I need to finish them. I love the doodle part of art journaling and this is the shot in the arm I needed.

What fun!

Yesterday I posted my Writing on the Wall post for my friend Cheryl and showed a pic of the canvas that Lotus made me for Xmas. Here are a couple more shots of it:

Beautiful! Lotus had a very tough 2011. I am sending her positive vibes so she can begin to build her life back and begin to make her art a positive part of her life again. This canvas was a struggle for her to create. I am touched that she created it for me.

Less Herger sent me a drawing I had bought from her a couple of weeks ago and included this:

OMG!! I love fountain pens and had been having trouble with one I bought recently, not working right and had been talking to Less on Twitter about it. I was so stoked when I saw this. WOW! This is actually a waay better pen than I was trying to use. So I just need better ink and I have some on order. I have always loved how they write. Woot! I am in love!!

I have been taking a Strathmore Online Class with Traci Bautista. And the best part, it is FREE! Traci Bautista is a genius when it comes to painting and doodling in journals and on canvases, etc. This is a 4 week class and there are videos that show step by step how she creates. Run, Run and sign up NOW! You will love it!

My friend Eva is tearing up her studio and rearranging this month and she has got me thinking that way too. Gasp!! I actually did that last January and now thinking about it again. But just thinking...............I can't sweat while thinking!! LOL

So looks like I have run out of steam for this week.

Tootles ~

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Writing On The Wall

For this week's Writing on the Wall, I am using a painted Mandala my friend Lotus made me for Christmas. And even though it is not on the wall, it is in my studio.

Lotus had a rough 2011 with her husband passing away. She is the most talented person I know and as you can tell by looking at this canvas. She is simply an amazing artist.

Thanx Lotus for showing me your art journal 6 years ago.

Don't forget to check back here again tomorrow for my regular weekend post.

Until then...........