Sunday, January 22, 2012

Joy Is........Fun Storming

Fun Storming: "A gathering together of arty folks to share their wisdom" Author unknown. If you know who said this, please let me know in the comments so I can credit it back to them. Cause, honestly, I know it came from somewhere on the net and I wrote it down, but neglected to put in the name of the writer.

Another week gone! Only 9 more days of January left! Whew!

Anyway, not much to report this week, except I counted and catorized my Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books that I have been gathering since I was a kid before I had a kid. Drum Roll......100 Nancy Drew's and 78 Hardy Boys. Both ND and HB range from very old (1927) to newest (1992). I have quite a few doubles, triples and quadruples. I am missing 11 of each for complete sets. My friend Beth also has Nancy Drew's and Hardy Boys and she has been doing the same thing. Hopefully she has doubles of my missing one's and the same for her from me. We will try trading them up someday. Cool! Makes me want to read them again and makes me feel like a kid again. *Smile*. Here is a couple of pics of the shelves where they live with all of their other buddy's:

I have a Fuji Instant Camera that takes baby poloroid type pics that I have not used in a very long time. So this week when I discovered that my fancy HTC Thunderbolt Android Cell Phone won't pair with my PoGo Printer, of course, I decided to get out the Fuji camera again and use it again. Here is a pic of the camera and a pic of a pic that it takes. The pic of the pic is laying on a StazOn ink pad to give you an idea on the size:

And here is the bag it came with:

It is a Orange Pink color and the material is like Indoor-Outdoor Carpet only softer! Gross!

I have been working in my Journal more this past week, so I have a ton of pics to show of what I have been working on:

Some of these are finished kinda and a few are not, but on the way. And speakng of journal pages and arty endeavors, I found another cool art journal artist on You Tube through Less at ComfortableShoesStudio . This guy is great. Check him out.

And that is about it for this week. At least I got some art in for a change


Dale Anne Potter said...

WOW - I haven't even thought of Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys forever....
AWESOME journal pages!

barb said...

I loved Nancy Drew books! I used to have a couple. Don't know where they are now. Probably Good Will. Love your pages, too. That camera storage bag is a hoot!

NJGardenGirl said...

It was fun to peek at your pages! I've alwaqys wanted to get one of those Instax cameras. From what I can see, it's hard to get the film (?) They're fun if you wanna make a quick mini book! Thanks for sharing! Sharon :D

Lotus said...

great post CB! YOu have been busy. I'm sorry I didn't make it by today, but I wasn't up to it.
Your new pages are great!

Cheryl said...

Great post. i love all your art journal pages. I've only done one page in my art journal this year.