Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Name is Sharon and I Am Addicted to Art Journaling

OK, I can't help it, and I admit I have a disease. But enough of that!

This was a great week. I met up with a new art friend, Beth, who lives about 85 miles from me and in a straight line between me and my divisions down south of here in Visalia. We met at a Starbux on Thursday afternoon and 3 hours later we had decided that we follow the same folks on line, and we both like freaky stuff and we both love, pens, tape, stencils, books and cool containers for our art supplies we must have for traveling. YAY!! Beth is a very talented art journaler. Cool!! I have a new art friend, and I didn't even have to really stalk her, well I sorta did. That is another disease of mine.

Yesterday was my parents 45 year wedding anniversary and so I took them to a casino that is close by. We came away quite a bit lighter in the pockets. But it was good to get away to do something else. But next time I must win! That is also a disease of mine.

I have been writing and drawing this week with my new Fountain Pen that Less at Comfortable Shoes Studio sent me. Wow, this is so much fun. It writes so smooth. Wheee, I am in love. I am going to buy more pens and start drawing with them in my journal.

Today I went to Eva's and helped her create a single signature journal. Wow!! I actually helped someone make a journal. It was fun and I almost learned how to use an ATG, Automatic Tape Gun. Almost. Too big for me. I will stick to the small tape runners.

My friend Cheryl, had a photo of her's published in her home town magazine recently and she also has a painting on display in an art Gallery in Bellingham, Washington.

Cheryl's painting is above her on the left. Look at her smiling BIG just like a proud Mom. Go Cheryl! I know famous folk. Cool!

Since I now have a passion for wrting with a Fountain Pen, I have decided that I want to learn to write antique, which means, the way folks used to write about 100 years ago, all swirly and fancy. I am going to start practicing writing antique-e, pronounced like, tiki.

So, I do believe this will end the story for this time. Hope everyone has a great next week. Until you wander this way again............Adios


Cheryl said...

You're amazing! I'm so glad you met another freak like me. Ooooo! Is that too harsh? Addict, then. I'm a paper addict, what can I say. Paper Zone is going out of business and I am going INsANe!?!

Lotus said...

I want to write antique-y too! ; ) Great post and full of truth CB... ; )