Saturday, January 30, 2010

Look What I Made...Well with a Little Help.....

Will I ever learn how to get photos on here in the order i want them??? Oh well, today was a fun day. I went to my friend's Lotus' and made this little soapbox journal. She helped me with it and I actually made it without too much assistance. So the first pic is all of the paper I had left and brought home so I can make another one quickly before I forget what I did to make this one. Practice, Practice for me!!
The next pic is the sewn binding I did. Lotus didn't tell me the name of this stitch, but that's OK. The next pic is a shot of the signatures, 6 signatures of 8 pages each. And the last one is of the pages themselves. WOW!! This was so cool. I showed my husband when I got home, and all he could say, was, "Okkkkkk!" He does not understand anything I do at all when it comes to art.
Now I have to add a ton of ephemera to the pages and a couple more tabs, and it will be ready to go out in public for journaling. Yea!!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Just One More Page

I am practicing my drawing of late. I have always liked the "folk" that Teesha and Tracy Moore create. So meet the "Moore Folk". This isn't the best page, but I put crackle paint on this page to see if it would crack cool, and it was not the best so I needed to cover it up, so what a better way to do it than with practice drawings.

Tomorrow, I am suppose to get together with my friend Lotus to make a junk journal out of a box. Can't wait. Go check out her blog and see what she did with a couple of playing cards. Fun!!
I will take pics of my weekend creation and post next week. Have a safe and fun weekend.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More, More!!!

OK, yes I have really lost it now. I have been working tons in my journal as you can see, but at this time of my life, I am happy with this. It seems like I can never get enough journaling. Yeaaa!
It has been raining here almost non stop since Sunday. I was supposed to go to the bay area this morning for work, but couldn't even see the hwy, because there were so much traffic and so much water. So I got about halfway there and said, no way!! Turned around and went to another of my divisions closer to home to conduct an audit, that needed to be finished. So now tomorrow I will try again, but it isn't supposed to be any better. WOW!!
My husband's computer grabbed a virus this weekend and so I had to take it to a guy to work on it, so $130.00 later it is clean. Oh well. We had backed it up in June, so he didn't lose too much.
Well back to my journal...............................Later!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Journal Pages and Stuffed Journal

Well I am back, yes two posts in a week!! I know, but when you pick yourself up off the floor, check out the journal pages and my very stuffed journal. This one is winding down to be finished.
I am going to finish it because it is my first journal baby, and it won't feel right until it is finished completely. Maybe at the very end I will make a Flip Through video with it. I have a Flip Video camera, but have never used it, so that would a way to learn how.
Have a good night!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Declaration of Artful Independance

Hi Everyone, I am making a declaration or my New Artful Mission in life. Beginning today, I am only going to make, build, bind or create art journals and then art journal in them!!! Ahhh, I feel so much better! I have been dabbling in art journaling since my good friend, Lotus showed me one of her many journals on Dec 26, 2005. So I freeked out and went crazy buying EVERYTHING that I thought I had to have to art journal like everyone else. Anything I saw online that this person used, I had to buy, and I mean EVERYTHING. Oh, the $$$ I have spent. So this past weekend, I packed up 3 1/2 boxes of art "stuff" I thought I had to have at one time and gave them to my friend, Lotus.
And then after watching the video that Rice at had posted on her blog this week called Patience, where a lady made a containerized journal where each section sat inside the next section, OMG!!! I have made the above decision. Just making books and journals and making art in them and making myself happy.
The above 3 pics are the 3 spreads I have made since Saturday, wow, Sharon that is 6 pages!! I have always just wanted to stand off and watch, afraid that I am not good enough to do art journaling, but I know it has "no rules", and now I feel that I can continue that no rules, do what you want feeling.
I guess my love of books, all kinds of books has always made me want to make my own, and in October, Lotus and I got together and made a collage journal each, her being my mentor. I had a blast and wanted to make more, so by myself I made a small journal from a very small cigar type box. You can go back on my blog to see those two projects. But the best experience art journal wise, was making Teesha Moore's 16 page Journal when I took a class from her and Tracy in May in San Jose. They are my heros!!
So to make a very long story short, I feel I have found my artful calling.
Let's hear it for art journaling!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

OK It's Finished

Just a few pages of the Art House Journal I just finished, called "You Stick to Me Like Glue." This really kicked my butt, because I had a time limit to finish and send it off. Whew!! But it is at the mail center this afternoon and will be on it's way on Monday.
The best part was it actually did make me get busy and work in a journal. I just want to keep it when I am finished with it/them.

It also made me declutter my art supply over flow. I gave my good friend, Lotus, 2 large boxes and 2 small boxes of stuff. Thanx, for letting me get stuff cleared out!! Now I might be able to find collage and journaling supplies when I want them. I just figured out that 5 years ago Lotus got me hooked on art journaling and I have never looked back.......except I also haven't created too much either, but love the process just the same.
Happy New Year!!!