Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Declaration of Artful Independance

Hi Everyone, I am making a declaration or my New Artful Mission in life. Beginning today, I am only going to make, build, bind or create art journals and then art journal in them!!! Ahhh, I feel so much better! I have been dabbling in art journaling since my good friend, Lotus showed me one of her many journals on Dec 26, 2005. So I freeked out and went crazy buying EVERYTHING that I thought I had to have to art journal like everyone else. Anything I saw online that this person used, I had to buy, and I mean EVERYTHING. Oh, the $$$ I have spent. So this past weekend, I packed up 3 1/2 boxes of art "stuff" I thought I had to have at one time and gave them to my friend, Lotus.
And then after watching the video that Rice at had posted on her blog this week called Patience, where a lady made a containerized journal where each section sat inside the next section, OMG!!! I have made the above decision. Just making books and journals and making art in them and making myself happy.
The above 3 pics are the 3 spreads I have made since Saturday, wow, Sharon that is 6 pages!! I have always just wanted to stand off and watch, afraid that I am not good enough to do art journaling, but I know it has "no rules", and now I feel that I can continue that no rules, do what you want feeling.
I guess my love of books, all kinds of books has always made me want to make my own, and in October, Lotus and I got together and made a collage journal each, her being my mentor. I had a blast and wanted to make more, so by myself I made a small journal from a very small cigar type box. You can go back on my blog to see those two projects. But the best experience art journal wise, was making Teesha Moore's 16 page Journal when I took a class from her and Tracy in May in San Jose. They are my heros!!
So to make a very long story short, I feel I have found my artful calling.
Let's hear it for art journaling!!!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! These are your best work yet, CB! I love the middle one, with the square frame over the girl's face.
This is going to be a wonderful year, I can feel it!

Eveline said...

Brilliant! Art Journaling is about everything BUT being just like everyone else. You can make a journal out of near enough everything. My previous art journal was a ringbinder filled with 'pages' made from cardboard boxes. Thinking of what you 'should' do in a certain journal you 'should' have only holds you back. So yayyy for leaving that all behind and making your own journals. See you in Leslie's class! ;)

Chris said...


Last year I was not as dedicated as you are, but I did make it my journaling year and started a few. It is so satisfying. Rock on!