Saturday, January 30, 2010

Look What I Made...Well with a Little Help.....

Will I ever learn how to get photos on here in the order i want them??? Oh well, today was a fun day. I went to my friend's Lotus' and made this little soapbox journal. She helped me with it and I actually made it without too much assistance. So the first pic is all of the paper I had left and brought home so I can make another one quickly before I forget what I did to make this one. Practice, Practice for me!!
The next pic is the sewn binding I did. Lotus didn't tell me the name of this stitch, but that's OK. The next pic is a shot of the signatures, 6 signatures of 8 pages each. And the last one is of the pages themselves. WOW!! This was so cool. I showed my husband when I got home, and all he could say, was, "Okkkkkk!" He does not understand anything I do at all when it comes to art.
Now I have to add a ton of ephemera to the pages and a couple more tabs, and it will be ready to go out in public for journaling. Yea!!!!


Cheryl said...

Sharon, I love it! I looked at Lotus's website and fell in love with this junk mail journal. I'm going to have to make one for myself.

Anonymous said...

Hey CB!
Great pics. I had a good time and I'm glad you're happy with what you've done. You did great!

I ended up covering mine, so I can tell the difference between the two. I'll take pix asap.

Talk to you later

Eveline said...

I absolutely love your journal! Lately I tend to look for materials I'd only end up recycling anyway. And making a journal from scratch is a brilliant feeling. Great work!

cgasque73 said...

So glad you found me!! AND even happier that I found you!!! I will truly enjoy following your blog!!! I am already loving it!!! I love this "book" that you have made..maybe you should consider posting directions so that I can copy you!!! LOL

Sharon said...

Hey cgasque73 and Eveline, hope you guys stop by again. Here is the link to my friend's Lotus' Flickr acct for the pics and tutorials on the l junk journal.

Have fun