Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Journal Pages and Stuffed Journal

Well I am back, yes two posts in a week!! I know, but when you pick yourself up off the floor, check out the journal pages and my very stuffed journal. This one is winding down to be finished.
I am going to finish it because it is my first journal baby, and it won't feel right until it is finished completely. Maybe at the very end I will make a Flip Through video with it. I have a Flip Video camera, but have never used it, so that would a way to learn how.
Have a good night!!


Anonymous said...

That's the look most art journalers strive for. The latest pages are looking great too!
wow! Micro steps for (how many years again?) years, then BAM! (lol), a journal maniac!
Keep it up CB

Aileen said...

Wow Sharon I'm so excited at what you've been creating Awesome!!!
Thanks so much for the promote on the deli paper!

Keep on Creating!