Friday, January 29, 2010

Just One More Page

I am practicing my drawing of late. I have always liked the "folk" that Teesha and Tracy Moore create. So meet the "Moore Folk". This isn't the best page, but I put crackle paint on this page to see if it would crack cool, and it was not the best so I needed to cover it up, so what a better way to do it than with practice drawings.

Tomorrow, I am suppose to get together with my friend Lotus to make a junk journal out of a box. Can't wait. Go check out her blog and see what she did with a couple of playing cards. Fun!!
I will take pics of my weekend creation and post next week. Have a safe and fun weekend.


~Barb~ said...

I wish I could get together with you and Lotus and make journals and draw "Moore People" and just play. Oh what fun it would be...have enough fun for me, will ya? *muah*
Peace & Love,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great art day CB! I had fun making the soap box journal with you. Remember to keep filling it with small images, drawings and scraps. Keep it close by so you can glue your ephemera in it.
We gotta plan another day soon. Too bad Barb doesn't live near us... or does she? lol ; )