Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mobile Blogging Test

I added a new app to my phone for blogging. And so today I thought I would try it out. It looks easy to use and if so you might see more posts from me!

This last week my Mom turned 91 years young.  Here is a pic of me and my Sister with Mom in the middle (scroll down for pic) And she really raked in the loot. Almost 300 bux including what she got for Mothers Day last weekend. Yikes! And of course she wants to take it straight to a casino. LOL 

Of course like always Blogger put the pics backwards. Oh well,  now here is Daddy with his shirt unbuttoned, of course.  He will be celebrating 95 years in July.

I have some arty stuffs to share but this is a test post so will try again later to do another.

And since I can't get the curser to go below Mom's pic, I guess I will end this now.

Bye bye have a safer week than last week.