Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey there, well I actually had the weekend off, but was soooo busy I never got to my blog.
Just a small update.
Remember when I told you my saga about my HP Tablet? Well, after I got home from Iowa, it blue screened again and when I spoke with HP AGAIN!! First they did not know I had accidental damage protection, grrr, and it ended with them actually saying, "Why don't you just take it back to Best Buy?" I got mad and slammed the phone down, oh right, we don't get that option any longer............I pushed the button REALLY hard! So I did take it to BB, where I bought it in September. To make a long story short....I did NOT have a warranty with them, but they gave me a new Dell Laptop, close to what I had for just the difference in price. $9.00. Since the sales tax went up here in CA in April!!!!! Can you believe it? And they sorta know me since I am in there every weekend buying something. WOW!!!! Anyway. I now have a Dell 1330. It is Red, the only thing I don't really like, but since they did not have to do this exchange, I ain't bitchin'. Know what I mean??? I am happy.

I got my promotion that you don't know about. Today is my first day as a ASD or Area Safety Director. Pay raise, and can run around and support other divisions and their Safety managers. Am Happy!

Gotta go, off to the DMV for a 2 day class....................................Bye!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Trip and After...............

Arrived home Easter Sunday evening after getting to see my son, DIL and Grandkids. I was bushed and then went straight back to work Monday and have been going full tilt and had to work today also.

I had a great time visiting with the folks I talk to everyday on the phone but never see cause our corp office is in Iowa.

On Monday my beautiful DIL you see in the pic burned her hand very very bad with hot grease. She had to be taken to a burn unit 100 miles away to get help. Today is Saturday and my son said she is a little better today. Thank God!! The doctors are talking possible skin graphs. WOW!! I have been so stressed that I haven't slept all week. Please send positive healing thoughts her way. Thanx!

Tomorrow I am going to my LOA Meet Up and we are going to make vision boards. So I need to go and print pictures of money and new cars and a new house, and healthy healed hands. Bye!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Back

Hey folks, just a short post to tell ya that I am back in California and am totally bushed, but had a great week. One of the best parts was going to a Hobby Lobby store, since I had only heard about them but had never been to one. So on my drive from Iowa to Missouri, I saw one off of the freeway and freeked and got off at the next exit and was in heaven about an hour. I bought Bind it All binder things (sorry, don't know the exact language) some rub ons and other related, necessary journaling stuff.

Got to see my Grandkids for a little while. Wow!! What a difference 1 1/2 years makes. My grandson is as tall as me.!! Got home yesterday afternoon and now have to go back to work this morning at this job, so color me gone! Hope everyone had a great Easter.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Out of Touch

Hey folks, just a note to let ya know that I will not be posting for awhile. Tomorrow I am flying to Iowa to spend a week at our Corp Office to work on updated training curriculum (sp). So I will only have a little time in the evenings to check out what is happening on your blogs.
Also recently I won a giveaway from Rice over at well it arrived yesterday. WOW!! It is a box wrapped in red duct tape and must weigh 10 lbs!! It is full of collage fodder. OMG!! I am in heaven. I have to get into it between packing binges! Hope everyone has a great week.