Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey there, well I actually had the weekend off, but was soooo busy I never got to my blog.
Just a small update.
Remember when I told you my saga about my HP Tablet? Well, after I got home from Iowa, it blue screened again and when I spoke with HP AGAIN!! First they did not know I had accidental damage protection, grrr, and it ended with them actually saying, "Why don't you just take it back to Best Buy?" I got mad and slammed the phone down, oh right, we don't get that option any longer............I pushed the button REALLY hard! So I did take it to BB, where I bought it in September. To make a long story short....I did NOT have a warranty with them, but they gave me a new Dell Laptop, close to what I had for just the difference in price. $9.00. Since the sales tax went up here in CA in April!!!!! Can you believe it? And they sorta know me since I am in there every weekend buying something. WOW!!!! Anyway. I now have a Dell 1330. It is Red, the only thing I don't really like, but since they did not have to do this exchange, I ain't bitchin'. Know what I mean??? I am happy.

I got my promotion that you don't know about. Today is my first day as a ASD or Area Safety Director. Pay raise, and can run around and support other divisions and their Safety managers. Am Happy!

Gotta go, off to the DMV for a 2 day class....................................Bye!!!


Anonymous said...

congratulations on all fronts CB! New computer, new job, pay raise... what more could you ask for? LOL!

Apple said...

To answer your question:
Yes, it is gesso.
I LOVE GESSO!! If that were a bumper sticker I would totally get one. I use gesso ALL THE TIME!!!! Sorry, gesso makes me happy! ha ha

Apple said...

Thank you so much for that link. I am loving her masking tape!!! Now I just don't know which one I want. ha ha :)