Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Trip and After...............

Arrived home Easter Sunday evening after getting to see my son, DIL and Grandkids. I was bushed and then went straight back to work Monday and have been going full tilt and had to work today also.

I had a great time visiting with the folks I talk to everyday on the phone but never see cause our corp office is in Iowa.

On Monday my beautiful DIL you see in the pic burned her hand very very bad with hot grease. She had to be taken to a burn unit 100 miles away to get help. Today is Saturday and my son said she is a little better today. Thank God!! The doctors are talking possible skin graphs. WOW!! I have been so stressed that I haven't slept all week. Please send positive healing thoughts her way. Thanx!

Tomorrow I am going to my LOA Meet Up and we are going to make vision boards. So I need to go and print pictures of money and new cars and a new house, and healthy healed hands. Bye!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that she's feeling better.
What a great picture you guys took! who did it (or was it on timer or something?)?
Your grandbabies look much bigger than when I carved their stamp!

Chris said...

Hey, I hope your DIL is doing better? That's scary.

Sharon said...

Thanx guys, My DIL is better today and feels that when she goes back to the burn unit on Friday that she will get good news. Hope so. She is too pretty to be sick. Ha!! She thinks I am crazy, but she is the daughter I never had. And now she's mine!!