Sunday, July 25, 2010

# 98

Hi all, just a quick note to say that I just ended my last free weekend and beginning now until after September 1st, I will be working 7 days a week. Yuk!

I just realized also that this is my 98th posting! WOW!! A couple of years ago I didn't even know how to blog! And even though I have 24 followers, only 3 read my blog on a regular basis, ladies, you know who you are, I am happy cause I have those 3 folks interested enough in my craziness to post comments. I certainly wish I could get more comments from the followers, but patience is a virtue..............

I am thinking about having a giveaway for my 100th post, but just thinking about it at this point, cause with only these 3 that I already give stuff to on a regular basis it seems goofy when i can just say all 3 win something. I will think about it.

Have a great cool week ahead. I am off to take an online Business Ethics course that I only have until Friday to complete.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Plain Fun

I have been having some fun this weekend. First check out this fabric package I received yesterday from India. WOW!! This the coolest piece of mail I have ever received. I ordered Mendhi Stencils for Henna on Ebay. And they were shipped in this! It looks like muslin cloth. Check out the way they wrote the R's in my name and address. Very cool.

Another shot of the address on the back.

This envelope was hand whipped stitched closed. OMG!! I have never seen anything this fabulous in a while and I get to keep it. WOW!!

And these are the stencils that I ordered. WOW! I don't actually remember how many I ordered but this is what I got. I can't wait to try them out in my journal. Remember to click on any of the pics for a bigger view.

And speaking of journals. I went to a yard sale this weekend that was being given by a guy I know that deals in antiques. And I found this cool cabinet card of this guy in a velvet suit. Well of course it must have been red velvet. So I made a copy of it and altered it with a red glitter Spica pen, and a pink Souffle gel pen. He is headed for a journal page that is circusy looking. I am looking for some ballons for his hand and maybe some other circus looking stuff to finish the page. I will show you how it turns out next post.

Hope everyone is staying cool or at least trying to. And I hope you have had an arty weekend.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Where I Learn a New Word....Hauls

Hello folks, well I survived another Daddy BD, and of course he is very happy he survived another LOL. I wanted to tell you all about a new word in my vocabulary. "HAULS". I have been doing hauls forever, but never realized until recently, that this is a class all of it's own. So this begins my hauls posts. I actually drove into Reno this week 3 times for business and found a Joann's, (yes business). I found these stencils, had to have them.

And then I had to have these black and white napkins. Love black and white anything. And I happen to know someone that is in a journal swap right at this moment and her journal's theme is Black and White and Red All Over. Lotus, are you listening????

Next is this cool cardboard traveling trunk I found at B & N last weekend. It has faux leather handles and straps. For $11.95, I couldn't resist.

And as you can see as soon as I found this, I changed journal bags again. I got all of my portable paper all of my pens, markers, etc in it. It is packed. And I cut from 3 bags to 2 for when I travel and take my journal and supplies with me.

And I just counted this week and realized that I take 58 pens and markers, and 15 water color crayons with me. That of course does not count the tissue tape I have to have now, and my Peerless Water Color Sheets that I can't live without and everything else I think I need. But this is a thin cardboard piece, so I must be careful or the handle might break and then I would cry.

My brother is still here because of Daddy's BD and I know that a great yard sale is going on today and so I am sneaking over there with him and get back here before I have to get on my every Friday Conference Calls, Yuk!

But the good news is.......................No more Truckee!! I packed up and left for the last time (I hope) for awhile. Woo Hoo! But I am going straight into another start up next week, but it is only 40 miles away and at least I can come home each night. No living out of a suitcase again for a while, just a trunk, LOL.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Daddy's 92nd Birthday Weekend

Hi folks, just an update to what has been going on in my life the last week. As you can see from the title and pic, Daddy has had another BD. Big party yesterday with too much food and too much heat in a small house. Of course the plan was to have this shindig at my house, and so after all of my deep cleaning, we had it at my parents little very small house, because of their dogs!!! Too much hassle to bring them over and I have cats, etc. Grrr!! And half of the neighborhood came to join in so it worked out.

The cake says "Hot Rod Lincoln". This came about when I was there last weekend, he got up and went outside to mess with the water.....and their yard is very uneven and I thought he might fall, so I said, "Where do you think you're going, Hot Rod Lincoln?" My Sister thought that was the funniest thing she had heard and had it put on his cake.

I also gave him his annual age dollars. This time I handed him 92 one dollar bills. I began this when he turned 90. My Mom is waiting for her turn.. She just turned 88. He takes that to a casino as soon as he can get to one every year. Big gambler's, always have been. Guess that is why I love it also, but I work too much to get there much.

I did get one journal page complete, but will show it next time as I am suppose to be working in the real world.

Hope ya'll have had a great weekend.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Long Weekend Comes to a Close

To call this a whirlwind 3 days is an understatement. I have been in the running to see how much I can get done marathon! My brother from out of state is coming this week for 2 weeks to celebrate my Dad's 92nd BD and though I will only be home occasionally I had to deep clean the house. And contrary to popular belief when you have other folks living in your house, THEY DO NOTHING BUT HIDE STUFF, so it's not seen. So onto what other cool stuff I have been doing. I am not a big tattoo fan at all but the art these artist's create is amazing, so I bought a tat zine and made some gel medium transfers in my journal as you can see below.

I only screwed up twice, before I had the patience to let them dry completely before I finished them. Kinda cool. So while ordering folks around about cleaning certain parts of the house and supervising them to make sure they got done what I told them to do the transfers dried and I spritzed them and finshed them.

But alas the 3 days are totally gone very fast and I am off to the shower and bed as I have to hit the floor at 3:00am to go back to work. UGH!! Hope you had a great holiday weekend.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Actually Did It

If you looked at last weekend's post you will remember that I was nuts trying to make a YT video. Well today I decided to try one more time. And wa la!! Here it is. Now before you go rolling on the floor laughing until your sides ache, please remember that I am a YT video making virgin:) I really needed to edit a couple of things but here it is in it's complete RAW version. AND I was still talking when it stopped. Oh Well!!! Happy 4th folks. Be safe please with the kids and the fire works if you do that sort of thing. Out here in Cali, we just pray no bullets come through the roof and we end up with one in bed with us!!!

Oh yea, I don't know what's with the weird date. I guess that was the last time I had my flip on? Whatever!